Best Budget Optic Laser Beam Type Light? (Zoomie?)

This would be a total novelty item to me, so I dont want to spend much on it.
But for fun, I would like to have a bright light that uses an optic, that has no spill light, mimicking a laser beam.
Even thought about one in green to its even more laser like, but then that would really take any real usefulness away from it.
I think I have seen you guys call them zoomies?
Needs to be 18650, or 26650, USB rechargeable would be great, but not a deal breaker.

Lumintop zoom 1

Not a bad light, and ticks alot of the boxes, but looks like it still has alot of spill light even when zoomed in.
Not the laser beam type output.

Acebeam E 10

Regards Xandre

Definitely. This has a very wide beam because:

  • it is a TIR zoomie which makes it efficient, doesn’t waste as much light as aspheric zoomies
  • this one doesn’t focus well, the zoom travel is too short for that. That’s a big fail.
  • the lens is partially frosted

If you want a really narrow beam, get a big lens (like this) and a small emitter (Osram has some good 1mm² green LEDs).

Define budget

The Zoom is a nice light, but it lacks output and has quite some spill.
If you want a budget laser beam like light, get an L2 or L21A and use an Osram 1mm with a 4.5A-5A driver

Thats an interesting light/host/mod there for sure.
Not sure I want to mod the circuit that heavily, but maybe a simple led swap to a smaller led might be worth it.

As far as what my budget for this is, Is like to keep it at $50 or less.
Again, really just going to be a fun novelty light.

Well, I guess the laboratory of high power infrared laser diode of 808 nm 300 mW with output power: CW 300 mW, voltage: 2.2 V. Its lifespan is more than 10000 hours with high quality and durability with the low operating current. It is a special sensitive optical component. Please ensure that the operator has sufficient DIY and electronic experience because the laser beam is harmful to the eyes during the process. Please avoid seeing everything directly on the open eyes.

I’ve never been big into zoomies, but my favorite has always been the B158. Compact enough that it’ll fit comfortably in a jacket pocket but can still throw like crazy. Pretty easy to mod. I’ve probably put together 15+ of them with FET+1 drivers and XP-L HI’s. Great combo.

They’re not as commonly available as they used to be. You can still find them on AliExpress though, including some with green LEDs.