Best budget smartphone?

Well, the XZ1 or 2 in the Compact form factor could come close, anything else is either not pocket friendly or comes with really dated camera and display
5mp and 480x800px is not really up to date, battery life is rather poor and everything’s made of soft plastic

Well, as long as my S4mini is working I’ll use it, then maybe I have to bite into the SE Apple

…or just gimme a phone with a body smaller than 5” good battery, usable cam, modern display and other hardware, not falling appart right away
When I need a big screen I can use a tablet, never understood those phablets anyways…

My mom got sick of her Windows Phone (finally!)

She wanted to get an Android phone in the U.S. for under $100.

There are not many good smart phones for under $100.

I did a reasonable amount of research and picked for her the Moto E5 Play.

She got it yesterday and it looks pretty good.

The upcoming Xiaomi Redmi 7. Or the current Xiaomi Redmi 6.
I’m using Redmi 3S Prime (3GB RAM + 32GB ROm, octacore 1.4GHz) for almost 2 years now and it’s a good phone. A workhorse.

In my opinion - Moto X-Force / Droid 2 Turbo - you can get refurbished version for 150$….

In Australia.
I just use Samsung mid range. $160/200. Does me fine.
Used as a phpne mainly. Have Tablet and Laptop for Internet.

I buy through Telstra, get all/any servicing done for free.
Instant exchange over the local shop counter, if faulty
and loan ph if it held for anything.

Anybody wanting to know opinions about near everything. Go to “WHIRLPOOL Forums”.
They cover 90% of electronics, solar, etc. with tradies and users.
Just ignore the internal arguments that pop up at times.

I have the Moto Droid 2 Turbo, as does my wife. My daughter has an older Moto Droid passed down from my wife. I’m a big fan of Motorola phones. :wink:

I have just bought my second Oppo phone here in Australia. They are great phones for the money.
We don’t have a huge choice of phones in stores here.
The first one still works well, but the battery has just about died after 2 and a half years.
I hate it that all the new phones don’t have removable batteries, as I used to buy replacements on eBay for about $5.
It’s not worth taking a cheaper phone to a phone shop to have a new battery fitted, as they sting you and it’s hardly worth the money.
I looked at few other brands, and Moto get very good reviews.
I believe that the Xiaomi brand is very good, and I wanted to get one, but they are not available in stores here.
If you buy online from China you may have issues with warranty if something goes wrong.
It was easier for me to walk into a store and buy the Oppo.
The Huawei phones are good value as well.

Just got the Sony XZ1c 2 weeks ago after my Samsung S4mini suddenly died.

I certainly like the phone but I’m really waiting for the 2 (!) cases that I’ve ordered in China as the aluminum back of the phone is just too slippery.

I just got a Moto G6 and I like it a lot. The case I got for it made it feel much better in my hand as it gave it a little more heft and also less slippery.

Personally I think its better to search Swappa for an Excellent condition used phone.
You don’t have to worry about wacky Chinese brands and you can get excellent used phones built for the US market.
You could pick up an LG G6 or Samsung Galaxy S7 for around $130

I am using an LG V30 that was perfect I got on Swappa and its been incredible

My current smart phone is the humble Moto E2.

We no longer have a house phone (landline), and I want a larger, more powerful cell phone.

The next time there's a 15% off coupon for eBay, I'll probably get a Moto G6.

(There are several that appeal to me for about $180 on eBay.)

Had to shuck-n-jive a bit to get the band I wanted, butt my “LG L22C Power” model has been error free through Tracfone and was free with the ~$100 year long, triple data units added deal. I have never paid more than $12/mo and never ran out of data points. We have connected from Canada/Italy/Greece with no problem. We are very light users butt Tracfone serves us well.

I got a Moto G6 back in November. I have so far enjoyed it. I am not a phone junkie, a handful of texts a day if that, its my alarm clock, and occasionally use it to read or browse the web. Charging it to 75, I get 4 days on a charge down to about 10 (power saver on). At times it definetely less, if I have been using it more.

Got mine on sale for $200, getting one new for $180 seems like a good deal.

They just released the Moto G7 Power
And its best feature is the battery: 5Ah
(and Dual SIM and a additional slot for a SD-Mini-card, NFC sorry, Europe only)

Here is a nice German review, incl. PWM measurements and runtime.
Please use google translate

G7 Play


There are also a few other versions, but I would choose the power only because of runtime.
And please check the specifications on gsm arena

Sometimes Moto has little differences for USA vs. International

Edit: review of the US version

G7 Play

G7 Plus

normal G7

I’ve had flawless performance from a
2017 Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (S327VL)
& 2018 LG Rebel 2 (LG58VL).

QVC deal $59.95 each, with one year of service/1,500 minutes/1,500 texts/1.5GB data …. extra data is cheap to purchase.
99.5 % of my data is via home wi-fi, and I’m not a 15 yr old girl, so my data/text pkg is plenty.

Verizon can kiss my ass!

I am using a Xiaomi Pocophone F1 for 6 months. It’s very, very fast, has good cameras and screen.

My friends also went for Xiaomi, so I tested the Redmi 4 Pro, 5, 5 Pro, 6 Pro, Mi Note 2 and Mi 8. None of us regret buying it.

In my opinion Redmi 6 Pro has the best value by the moment (about 200), and balanced specs. Great performance with excellent cameras.

I wish I had known about QVC before I bought my G6, but I am glad you posted this now. I am switching to tracfone, definitely right up my alley.

Well, I ordered a Moto G6 for $150 on eBay.

I got sick of waiting, and saw what looked like a deal.

I really hope eBay doesn't have a 15% off coupon soon, or else I could have gotten an even better deal.

EDIT: If anyone is in the market for a G6, this is the one I ordered:

It looks good, but there is this disclaimer:

"The Devices might have been activated and may not carry manufacturer's warranty unless stated otherwise in details of description."

Activated? LoL!

The warranty stuff thing needs to stand a change. As it is it has certain negatives. Luckily for us in Europe unlocking a smartphone's bootloader does not exempt its manufacturer from its duty to provide a quality product.

Anyway, if you look after smartphone freedom check here:

Cheers ^:)

Got a refurbed LG G7 for <250 USD on Swappa. Seller name “Sellworld” which has a physical store in NJ as well. Couldn’t be happier.

If you’re willing to buy used you can get so much more phone for your money, its what I’ve done with my last three. Got what was close to an $800 phone 6 months ago for a quarter of that. (Part of that is LG pushing fast price drops anyway but G7 is still ~$450 brand new).