Best multi emitter flashlight <$50

What I’m looking for is suggestions to the best multi emitter flashlight for pure lumen output(decent throw and lots of spill) for less than $50. I was looking at the Trustfire TR-J12 which can be had for around $40 now and possibly the beast driver mod. Just wondering if there is anything better out since that light is somewhat old.

TR-J12 is a good light even without the modification. My only gripe is the stock driver spring crumpled after testing it on high in 2-cell configuration. Great machining, good finish quality, it might be an older light but its not obsolete.

There are the venerable SRK and TR-3T6 lights as well. Beyond those though the utility of multi-emitter lights tends to diminish, unless you want a flood-mule battery burner.

TR-J18 at lightmalls is $45. Those “beast” driver mods all tend to die though.

Supfire M6 from mtnelectronics

If you have a hard $50 limit, The J18. If you can stretch a little or be patient for a good deal, the TR-9xT6 (This shop has a $3.00 off coupon) is just awesome for the dollars. I love mine and it is barely modded. It has a good balance of a lot of emitters, but emitter dishes that are not too small as the total head diameter is about 78mm. So it still has throw. Actually, pretty good throw. To get an idea of the mod potential, check out this thread. That light looks the same physically as the TR-9T6. Probably made at same factory but labeled differently.

This! ^

I wants to know about this too as I am looking for a good soup-can style multi emitters flashlights. I read a lot of the threads here but the more I read the more I got confused and difficult to make my decision. :frowning:

What about this one ?? Looks pretty good from the reviews, but might be more of a throw light than flood though?

What about the Skyray King?
There’s a deal going on with GearBest too (26 or 28 dollar$).

They have Tangsfire 4x ones for less than $30, but the question is what the heatsinking is like.

I am a fan - at the right price - of the Solarstorm/Fandyfire Warrior or Warrior2. Simple useful interface, cells in parallel, decent usually consistent construction. Usually puts out around 2200 lumens. I would try to avoid lights that run their cells in series, which requires protected and reasonably balanced cells. The newer Solarstorm T3 and T4 are also OK, although I think I prefer the older Warrior design. And again, less variability in quality than something like the SRKs. Happy hunting.


And I do also consider Solarstorm T3/T4 because the clones of these two are not rampantly coming out yet.

I give the originwl warrior, 2/5 stars. Poor heatsink, too small window, not even ‘wash under the tap’ water resistant….

Is the TR-9xt6? How would it compare to the mod option #1 of the supfire m6 from mtelectronics?

Yes, I would say that is the same as a TR-9xT6. I don't know where they are getting 75mm on the head diameter. You may want to ask them about that to to be sure. Mine a the bezel is 77mm. In the slightly wider area around the reflector, it;s about 78mm in diameter. GearBest may have as general discount code like "BLF" or something to bring done the price more.

I don't know about in stock form, but when comparing potential, the 9xT6 leaves the M6 in the dust for the following reasons:

  • Total head diameter is almost 20mm wider (I measure M6 at 59mm and 9xT6 at 78mm), I don't know the reflecter dimensions. A larger reflector generally means more throw.
  • The M6 has 3 reflector cups measuring about 22mm wide. The 9xT6 has 9 measuring about 21mm. Actually, the 3 inside reflectors very short. So they are smaller. They are the ones that give you good spill and flood. If you dedome some emitters, put them in the outside 6 reflectors.
  • The M6 has 3 emitters, the other 9.
  • The 9xT6 has a ton more heat sinking to help shed heat
  • The 9xT6 can hold 26650's and is in series. This is important if you want high amps because higher voltage means lower current which is easier on springs and other current carrying components.

The really are 2 totally different lights to me. The M6 is much smaller and therefore more portable, maybe. I say "maybe" because the both are too big to pocket carry. A holster or shoulder sling can help for long hikes.

It is very important that you know series configuration cells, especially at high current if you mod the light, involves more risk and, therefore, requires a couple more precautions. For me, they are:

  • Check cell voltage will you pull cells out of the light.
    • If they are the same, good.
    • If they are different, then test the capacity of each cell. They need to measure somewhat close to each other.
    • If you can test internal resistance, check to see they are not too far from each other
  • Check cell voltage when loading new cells into the light.
  • Always use the same set of cells in a light to help with proper monitoring.

Best wishes on your decision.