Best pocket thower

I recently got a Nitecore P10GT and it’s an awesome pocket thrower by my books

Convoy c8 or eagle eye x6 built up. I edc a x6 or c8. If you don’t wear skinny jeans it fits with no problem. 700+ yards of pocketable throw for the c8 500+ for the x6

EagleTac TX25C2 with a XPL HI and a FET driver

I do a lot of night fishing and use a skillhunt h03 headlamp which is great up close around the boat.When i need to find the shore 2 or 300 yards away it just don’t get r done.

I like the D80 also and GB lists them but all are discontinued :frowning:

Why don’t you wait for Hank Wang’s upcoming D1S which can throw 110kcd.

see post 206

There is the astrolux version on the x6 the astrolux s2

That looks very uncomfortable to carry in a pocket for more than a few minutes….

Eagle Eye X5R XPL HI.
Nitecore P12GT.
Both are 18650.

BLF A6 XPL (Black)

BLF A6 XPL (Clear)

BLF A6 (Extras)

Astrolux S1 XPL (Shipped From #2 Warehouses)

If you go to Amazon and search for luckysun you will find a couple of original blf d80’s listed and how do I know this? Because I know dude at LS and he was going to sell these to me put I already have 5 of them, they will ship from China and if I recall they are NW, we were talking about them end of last year and he found a few in their warehouse, they are legit and I think he is asking $25 ea…
If you have trouble finding them let me know,

Edit: Found them, they are near impossible to find but this is the link to the D80’s

Post #206: New 4XP Noctigon MCPCB for quad optic

Zebralight SC600w Mk III HI

L2m, aspheric lens, dedomed xre. probably the best throw to size ratio

Yep, the UF-980L is like a good C8 but more WOW.

It’s 2012 technology though, there are probably better newer lights.

Best is the Lumintop TD16 with XP-L HI. An easy win in this category.

Upcoming Manker MC11? A tube light with 60 kcd according to manufacturer. Seeing how t01 numbers were inflated, it may be less, but still should be 40 kcd?

Agreed! It really throws and the build quality is among the best I’ve seen!

t20vn seems to be only slightly larger with 150% more throw.
Very similar to the already mentioned Emisar, but:

  • slightly larger and throwier
  • is available today
  • may stop being available soon
  • is probably more expensive

A perfect pocket size thrower would be a BLF X5 with a fet+1 and a dedomed XP-G2. I’ve built a few of them and they are great.