Best Searchlight options in the $50-$75 range

Neighborhood is putting together a few rescue boxes for beach safety. Can anyone recommend the best option for a budget searchlight? Been out of the game for a while and don’t want to make a stupid purchase. The big boys are out due to price constraints. Any input would be welcomed. Thanks!

Rechargeable or standard batteries?

If rechargeable, does your budget include batteries and a charger?

What about a holster or other accessories?

Klarus xt12gt should be a good choice. A little older, olight m2x javelin. Both should be close to your budget. And both quality lights. I have both and can recommend them

Convoy L2 for the best thrower (1 or 2 26650 cells, w/ extension tube). Probably would get you the farthest range.

Convoy L6 for max lumens (’though not as throwy).

$75 range , reckon the Klarus G35 would hav to hard to beat ?

$35 range Utorch UT02

Where are you in Michigan. If you are near Charlevoix, I could let you try out a few.

you can make 3 for that budget, check BLF style 18650 1s thrower( poor mans Olight M2X)

Not knowing who will be using these lights and their familiarity with 18650s, I might offer a different approach: the ThruNite TN4A (XP-L HI) with four Eneloop Pro cells. It is spec’ed at 450 meters throw which is optimistic but it is a good thrower; the Eneloops will have a good shelf life and temperature tolerance, and no worries about 18650s being overcharged/overdischarged or whatever. Ikea cells equivalent to Eneloop Pro go for $8 for 4. UI isn’t too complicated. I think it’s a possible option.

Excellent feedback. Thanks everyone. I’ll do some research tonight looking at all of the recommendations. Budget can go up a little if it makes sense. I was thinking 18650 or 26650. I have a healthy stash of batteries and some extra chargers. We plan to keep them ready to go during the summer months. Lake Michigan can be most unpredictable.

RobertB. Thanks for the offer but it’s a bit of a drive. Even though you don’t need much of an excuse to go to Charlevoix. That’s even prettier than it is here.

Thanks again BLF crew.

IMO I would really go something with a 26650 or 2 of them … just so it doesn’t die in the middle of a search. If it dies in the middle of a search there gunna say that crazy flashlight guy gave us some duds

The Convoy L2 is a great option, plenty of battery capacity with 2 26650 Batteries

but if you don’t need that much throw the new Convoy C8 with XPL Hi, AR lens and DTP star is also a really good light, just for the C8 I would add like 2 spare batteries in a waterproof storage box

Also the new Jaxman X1S with XHP35 Hi is a nice option

Yeah if you’re fine with 18650 or 26650 for that purpose, my thought would be L2/L6/C8/S70S. Depending on what you get, you could get a combination or multiple lights within that budget. For example, you could get 4 C8s and still be in budget if you are providing batteries and chargers. Or 1xL2 and 1xC8. That would cover multiple people searching if needed.

Olight M2X-UT is one of the best single cell throwers available. Olight is having a sale coming on 6/24 I belive, should be 30% off then.

Yeah last time I checked the S70S was ~$38
2 Liitokala 26650 cells ~$10
A Liitokala li500 charger ~$20 (4 cells but just 2 x 26650 at the same time
~$68 for one set

You don’t need a complete set with charger for 1 charger can charge more
So ~$48 for another set light and cells
Simply the best bang for the buck when big output is wanted

Four good 18650 cells ~17
Liitokala li500 ~$20
Convoy C8 XPL Hi NW ~$20
Four Convoys ~$80
Set of four lights $117$30 for one C8 with cell and way yo charge.
C8 is small, easy to handle anf safe with LVP
I think I would go for this.

When you say “rescue boxes”, do you mean an emergency box like in a lifeguard tower, where it can go all summer long untouched? Or maybe in a boat or somewhere “busier” where someone can do routine checks, say, every week or two?

I’ve had Li cells go untouched for months (NOT protected cells!) and still carry a decent charge. I wouldn’t trust that for a full season, though. It might still carry a decent charge for good light, but not for hours in an actual rescue.

If they’re to be left untouched for a long time, stick with primaries and/or low-self-discharge NiMH cells like eneloops.

Utorch ut02
Edit: didn’t maxtoch just recently release a few good throwers?