Best specs for reading?

Your assumption is entirely correct.
My plan certainly is 5000 or below.
Also looked at 4000.
3000 might be a bit scary for 6500k guy… :slight_smile:

In my experience both high CRI and very low K are not so easy to find. Especially the two combined.
Likely because many companies are in the pocket rocket competion and they tend to be low CRI, high temp.

You might be a good candidate for a tint ramping light from Hank. You can pick your emitters for each channel (four emitters, two each). I think all said and done you’ll be in the $70 range but he has the 18650 D4V2 and KR4 (tail switch), and the 21700 D4K (all are quite compact and very close in size to one another)…lots of customization options. A popular choice is the 519A emitters in 5700K and 2700K which gives you a full range and they are high CRI with excellent tints, UI is easy to operate as well (both the general Anduril and the channel switching features). The non-tint-ramping models are just a little cheaper but it sounds like this would be both practical and educational for you and the quality is excellent especially for the price point.

There is also the new S21F from Convoy. There has been a bunch of discussion here about it.

One review at:

Yeah, it’s considerably larger, though (length and girth both)…but not huge. I assumed from OPs post that this light for him would likely need to be compact and pocketable…the Emisar/Noctigon models I listed may push that limit for many people. Price is right and it would also make a great tool to learn a little more about emitter temps with.

Where can I find those lights?

After reading all the great answers above I found a pic heavy thread.
The Nichia 219b is doing really well on that lavender scrub.
I wonder it would be also beneficial for reading text.

Hank’s site is here:

If you want the tint ramping models, click on the separate tint ramping link…the rest will all be normal models. As you select options from the drop down boxes the price will adjust itself (like using the 519A emitters is a $10 add on usually…more or less for other emitters).

The 219B is a nice emitter usually - it’s not always the famous rosy tint but if you get one of those rosy bins it’s very pleasant to the eye. I don’t think it’s particularly more helpful when reading/identifying things over another good tint near or below the BBL, but it’s certainly nice to use. That emitter can’t handle as much power, either, so it’s usually in lights that draw less current/fewer lumens, but for close-ish work it’s just fine and plenty bright enough.

Were you interested in the Convoy S21F, or just the Hank lights?

Here’s the S21F (without battery but he has a listing for an included cell, too): (should redirect for your country…I can’t ever seem to get generic non-regional links from ali anymore).

in the link, if you change “item” to “i” the “.com” doesn’t switch to a country code. for example:

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That’s incredibly useful.
I wonder if I’ll use that the next time I post an AliExpress link. :thinking:

Both. I knew Simon=Convoy, yesterday I figured out Hank=Emisar/Noctigon.
After reading/watching a fantastic thread on high CRI and colors, I sorta decided to go with 219b @4500K
Both Simon and Hank seem to sell them. Hank’s is easier to configure with the many options like floody and improved drivers.

Convoy S21F 21700 flashlight 519A with 60deg TIR lens, high CRI R9080, adjustable color temperature,2700K to 5700K

Can tem[ be adjusted? Always assumed it was part of a led’s design.

S21F Has a pair of 2700K and a pair of 5700K emitters. By adjusting brightness separately CCT can be “adjusted”.

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Once had an RGB light. Really bad because the beam looked really weird because, obviously, the leds werent all in the center of the reflector.
Better on this one?

If I found the ideal tint can it be memorized or do I have to set it everytime?

Similar to the dual channel DK4 ?

I do not have S21F, have been considering it, but decided against it. I have S21D with 4500k 219b though and yeah, that’s fun, but can not say that i am a huge fan of this emitter… way, way too “rosy”… and i kind of regret buying it.

Judging by reviews S21F does not have any serious issues with mixing light from different emitters and CCT setting is memorized.

I have somewhat similar task to what you describe from time to time at work, and i ended up using plain and simple convoy T3 for it. I bought whole set of T3’s just to play around with different emitters, because they are very cheap and fairly good. I have all CCT variants of 519A and 219B… and ended up using 3500K 519A for this.

I know the emitter is very personal. No problem with that at all.
One of the reasons I want to go that road is that I already have 6500k low cri.
And for what I’m looking for right now I don’t care about the tint.
If bright red gives the best readabilty I’ll get that.
But obviously are more general purpose color is best.

Well, IMO more or less natural/neutral light will give the best combination of readability in various conditions and eye strain. CCT is just a matter of preference.

You might find something wild like red or blue, and it might give you better readability in certain conditions, but how long before you get tired of looking at that? And as you get tired your ability to read things will degrade.

In another words IMO comfort is as important here as readability.

Also comparing 219B and 519A at the same 4500K CCT, ignoring tint, i honestly do not see any meaningful practical difference. Both are good and would work equally well.

red or green colors are bad for reading as son as you open a map. Some stuff disappears completely. Also pictures.
I would stay near the BBL

If you check the BLF thread that I linked above there is a large series of posts by people that bought the first batch of S21F lights. They go through using the light in detail. They also have lots of measurements of brightness, CCT, beamshots, etc.