Best thrower under $100

Looking for a strong thrower under $100, not interested in modifying it myself.
I am a rural delivery driver so I would need a long beam to hit house numbers set way back.

Would only need the Turbo or high beam a few seconds at a time, but would use lower beam for walking (30) 1 minute walks to houses.

Actually used a Stanley rechargeable Fatmax 2200 Lumen and worked well but 2 have malfunctioned within 2 months of use. So anything up to a soda can size would work.

Was thinking of the Mateminco MT18 12000 Lumens 18650 Li Ion Battery with CREE XP-G3 from Alibaba
Same as Astrolux MF01 18x XP-G3 12000LM Super Bright LED Flashlight 18650 from Banggood.


I’ve got a MF01 in the Nichia 219c version and while it’s an awsome light, it’s way too much flood. Nothing wrong with it but it’ll light up the neighbors homes as well. I was thinking of a good C8 or one of the new small superthrowers. Depends on how big or small of a light you want. Personally I’d go with one of the new Emisar D1S. Less and 40 bucks and small with amazing throw.

or a US seller when Richard gets them in stock

How about emisar d1s ? Its $40.

XP-L HI LED mounted on a Copper direct-thermal-path MCPCB
Large smooth reflector for an awesome focused beam
Estimated 130,000cd peak beam intensity
Estimated 1300 lumens output

Astrolux MF02 with my BLF buck driver is pretty much spot on 100$ and probably best thrower for that budget

with it you get about 450kcd

1 vote for mf-02

The D1S would be my first choice as well.

ToyKeeper did a fantastic review & you can find some comparison beam shots in post 208.

Are you selling them that way?

I own at least 5 lights from Astrolux and I’m a big fan of the performance, but the hold for 1 sec vs a simple click takes some getting used to. It’s actually a pretty big gripe. Compared to Narsil interface of the BLF Q8 and GT and Emisar lights it’s a deal breaker. I know people are modding them with the Narsil drivers as people here are getting them made for some lights like the MF01.

I really like my Convoy L2, but the Emisar D1s looks to have similar performance in a smaller package.

I’m curious if anybody has tried this one, tho:

KDIY K6 Cree XHP35 HI Neutral White 5000K 2000 Lumens 5-Mode LED Flashlight - Black ( 1x26650 )

An L2-style host with an XHP35-HI still wouldn’t be a GT, but for $50, it could throw better than a D1s, right?


Even with the shorty tube it’s got plenty of oomf, but if you use the extension it can also be used to brain anything that comes at you (dog, hobo, rabid macaque, etc.).

Oh yeah, the L2 is a forward-clicky, so you can get away with just half-pressing from off to light up a sign, address, etc. Flash’n’dash…

I have here one that is modded for sale in German forum
it has also a better LED in 5000K and gets 538kcd measured over the 464k stock

But shipped to USA we talking here about 160$ for that light

Also the source for that LED dried out as I wanted to order again 50 and only 4 were left in stock

Out of the box which has the better throw for hitting house numbers at a distance?
My old flashlight also allowed me to temporarily blind a charging dog, a plus.
Which has better build quality?
Which will give me better run time?

The Astrolux MF02 at around $85
The D1S at $40
Convoy L2 at $45

The size difference is not a big deal to me.
I am not trying to impress others with how small my powerful flashlight is.
I could get used to any type of clicking/pressing pretty quickly.

This is the impression I get from reading posts:
-The MF02 throws much farther (or larger area lit up and brighter at a distance) than the other two, but larger and not click and go.
-The D1s is smallest and throws really well for it’s size.
-The Convoy L2 is well built for a budget light and throws similar to the D1s but larger than the D1s.

If all of this is correct, I would probably go with the MF02. Unless the run time or build quality is not comparable.

Am I reading the forum posts correctly?


Just clicked on the Banggood $85 ad for the Astrolux MF02.
At the site it is listed as $85.
When you click to “buy now” the price changes to $125 in your cart.

So fed up with trying to buy from China…

Is $125 USD what people usually pay?


Tried a second time, same result.
Both times started at $85 USD

I’ll clear cookies and see…

There seem to be 2 different versions, XP-G3s and 219s. Sure they’re both the same price?

I’d stick with the L2. :smiley:

Code worked!
Thank you!
$81 shipped
You are correct the 2 versions are the other light

Any suggestions on a charger and batteries for the MF03?

I bought a really good charger 12-15 years ago but I want to start fresh because after all this time it may be outdated or perhaps unsafe.

UT02 throws almost as good as D1S but costs only $29 with coupon.

I don't mind getting lights from overseas, but I like to get my batteries from US suppliers.

I have purchased batteries from and would recommend:

LiIon Wholesale (in PA),

IMR Batteries (in TX), and

Mountain Electronics (in UT).

I buy more batteries from LiIon Wholesale, but that is only because I'm near PA and shipping time is better and I don't plan far enough ahead. All three also carry chargers.

As for chargers, OPUS BT-3100, XTAR VP4 Dragon, and LiitoKala Lii-500 seem to be very popular here on BLF. (I have two of the three and am happy with them both.)

But take a look at the battery charger reviews written by HKJ (a member here).

And if you are new to Li-Ion batteries, take a look at the Li-Ion Battery Safety link in my signature.

I would recommend Sony 18650 VTC6, NCR 18650GA and Samsung 18650 30Q