Best XHP-70 Thrower Right Now...

Your opinion and why you hold it…?


These days the ultimate thrower has an XHP35 HI emitter. Single XHP70 lights throw well, but I wouldn’t call it a thrower. My SD75 with about 110000 lux throws better than the Convoy L6 with about 65000 lux, but in reality it’s not that much of a difference. If you really want more visible throw, then you need waay more current and/or a bigger reflector; it doesn’t seem realistic.
I see the single emitter XHP70 light as a really good allround light with decent throw, but I wouldn’t call it a thrower…

I understand that. Just wanted to gauge what would be throw-“iest” of the current offerings. Actually, I may be considering a very floody light like the Klarus G20. Can’t say for sure yet, and I haven’t owned any.

Sorry, I misunderstood you (forgot this place is flooded with pros). So with “best” thrower, you mean just a great light in general? Aha. Well, the SD75 feels totally bada$$, and the powerbank feature is cool, but the parasitic drain is terrible. I decided to leave the batteries out, which would be emptied in less than 6 weeks… Complete turn-off. Yeah, I love my L6. It’s just awesome, especially for the price. The bare version is very unique as well. 65000 lux is really more than enough for most occasions…
I do like the Acebeam K60 a lot (which I don’t have), especially the tan version. But why pay that much if performance is going to be visually comparable to the L6?
For me, at this moment, the L6 is definitely the winner.

The l6 has good throw for what it is, you can shave the dome for more lux,

But the best xhp70 thrower I’ve seen was the light old lumens built with the xhp 70 and lum90 reflector. There’s a thread around here on it somewhere. Would be nice to own one. But will always be out of my price range.

This is Justins thread here.

If your interested I’m building my version of his idea here.

it would probably the acebeam k60 or the new haikelite.

For the price, u really cant beat the L6, u may try to shave the dome or do a resistor mod. which is not hard…
The light is already very bright without modding tho…
I do like the shape of K60 and the 4x18650 setup, and it throws (just a bit) better than the L6… but L6 is alot more affordable.