Big Sale on Sofirn BLF LT1 Lantern and SF47T Tactical Flashlight []

That Link is not for the new one. Think this is the link for the new one:

Yeah, there are several links on the Sofirn AliExpress store.
There’s this one that appears to be the 1st version: LINK. Its original price range is $74.99 - 87.49.
The one I linked above shows this original price range: $87.49 - 105.74
And then the one for the new version with Anduril 2.0 in the title (LINK) shows this original price range: $89.99 - 105.70

The listings are a little messy…

Code for green LT1 please

Took me a little to navigate, but the 3rd one looks like it the new version that acts as a power bank. Only in black though. With the 10% off coupon it made it the best price I’ve seen listed so far. Price was reasonable enough to me to order one.

In the past I’ve had powerbanks seized by customs as a prohibited item (Dominican Republic). This should work better.

Has anyone tested one of the new ones now that they have apparently changed drivers?

Do you know of an updated listing showing all the improvements of the Anduril v2 over v1? Only one I’ve found is THIS from last year.

Is the 10% off from a code you get by PM from Sofirn?

I bought it as power bank/lantern so will likely use almost none of the features.

The 10% was a code right on the page under the price. Just cut and pasted it at checkout and it went through.

Nobody seems to know the specs of the driver in the “new” LT1. How many 7135 chips does it have per channel and are they all factory enabled? Does it have temp protection step down? What’s the runtime and output in this new version with increased current draw? Which version of anduril 2?

I cannot answer to every question but…

  • I was told the new version will have all 7135 chips enabled.
  • There is no thermal regulation in LT1.
  • The revision should be the file from TK‘s repository (2021-05-07). Not sure, if there was an earlier revision available, though.

Would like a code for the LT1 please, preferably orange. Thanks!

Can I please have a code for the LT1?

May I get a code for the orange LT1? Thank you!

We’re making a clearance for the old version of LT1 lantern in orange and green colors. Only several lanterns are stocked on Amazon warehouse. Code is still available!

I’d love a code for for an LT1 in orange/green or any colour really :slight_smile:

The old version of LT1 in is out of stock and the new version is still on the way to Amazon warehouse.

Oop ok I can wait - I was looking at this one which appeared to be in stock but now I see the lead time


Can I get a code for the BLF lantern?


Yes, I’ve send it to your message. The old verison are all sold out. So the code is for the new verison of LT1 in green and orange. It comes with 4 batteries and 1* carry case. Thank you!

May I have a code for the NEW version please.

Thank you very much :laughing: