[Black Friday Deal]Sofirn Aliexpress Store~Deal price for all products

what is your order number ? if it still in processing in our warehouse, i could stop and change to 5000K

Hello Jackie,
Will there be anymore chances at grabbing a code this week do you know.

Expired :open_mouth:

Another news is the C8G in stock now with nice 5000k color, limit stock

Go for C8G


63WAY9APP1TP update some more


It’s the order number 8117188576467924
If somehow can be changed to 5000k that will be great :heart_eyes:

Jackie, is the code still available? Can you provide a new one please?

Seems still in warehouse, will update to a 5000k

no limit $2 code for all products LBH69ESY32F6

That’s great ! :+1: :+1: Thank you very much Jackie

code update :63WAY9APP1TP

update $5 code 63WAY9APP1TP

$5 code 63WAY9APP1TP

$2 code LBH69ESY32F6

last two days for deal price

Jackie anymore $10 coupon?

and if you could pm a code to those interested like me, that would be marvelous .

I disagree, there shouldn’t be an exclusive club that gets access to the elusive $10 coupon. First come, first serve. It should be posted for anyone to use.

Any come backs from the first batch ?