[Black Friday Deal]Sofirn Aliexpress Store~Deal price for all products

It will be faster, but the Sofirn store on AE is authentic…

Maybe they mean SC07.

this is sofirn people giving out coupon codes that only work on their specific lights being sold in their official store, what part of this makes you doubt the authenticity?

SP10S Anduril … When??? :weary:

next week

Excellent news!

is there gonna be discount codes

Will there be a Sp36 pro in 4*XHP50?

Would love a discount code!

I would like a discount code , thank you

92I6BEEME59B 15% code for new products

92I6BEEME59B 15% code for new products

New arrival SF47T Tactical Light 1100m throwing with Osram KW CULPM1.TG (25W)


hi jackie, is there a coupon code for LT1?

Get US $44.00 off on orders over US $120.00

how come this code isnt working?

$3 unlimited code 50 pieces --2R6ALFHSC8UL

$5 unlimited code 30 pieces- -RWGW1IN5JDAH

10% off code for some special models (SF47T, LT1 Green and tan, TS30, TF84,HD20,C8K,WK30)

More coupons shows on page, collect! Add to your cart and follow the store will get more

coupons everyday!

Thanks Jackie!!

Thank you Jackie!
My first impulse purchase this year in the area of flashlights. :slight_smile:

code update;
20% code --EUJD14V1YCAX for TF84 KIT -With traffic baton diffuser and remote switch
10% code --JAJOYQSA1ELQ for SP36 PRO new link , SP36, SD05 ,HD20, SP31UV, LT1

Code does not work for LT1