12 LED Bivouac Camping Hiking Fishing Tent Lantern Light Lamp With Compass Blue $6.49

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Yes that’s the thread and light I bought from you guys. Handled well? Did you even read the thread? It was the worst customer service I have ever received. Your customer service reps accused me and this forum of not knowing what we are talking about. I only got my money back going through Paypal. I would bet that all the lights you have listed here still have the fake Cree LEDs…but correct me if I am wrong.

ZQ-G008 18650 Zoomy I recently got from Tmart for $2.49 is well made. Particularly impressed with the zooming mechanism that is very smooth without wobble. The only light I ever got that came with a warranty card and an instruction sheet!

Add: The only thing I don’t like is the Next mode memory.

These are really nice lights, Louis, thanks for posting. I bought one of these and it was very bright. I was able to see in the dark !
Also the tube legoes with the SK68 to use two AA batteries for full brightness without needing a dangerous lithium battery.
I use this light when I wear my police uniform and people think that I am a police officer. I can tell them what to do. The light has a very nice blue tint, just like on a police car !!
— Louis , if you want to sell a lot of lights, I suggest you make exact copies of the Manker / Astrolux lights such as S41. Or S2. Do you have access to a flashlight factory ?

This guy sold fake 18650 batteries back in 2013/2014… i cant find the old thread, but no one got their money back and he disappeared for ~6-12 months after

buyer beware

Rating: Tmart.com

Apologize to you for unpleasant shopping experience, we will strive to do better.

Thanks you like, Your suggestion that we will feedback to the supplier.

U’King ZQ-G008 XPE-Q5 18650 800LM Zoomable LED Flashlight Black $2.99

Only 21 hours left

XM-L 2000LM 3 Modes White Light Adjustable Focus Zooming Aluminum Alloy LED Flashlight Grey $12.99

Only 21 hours left

As a first step TMART should stop misleading people to believe that they are getting a lights with Cree emitters when they are coming with LatticeBright. You should clearly list them as LatticeBright.

Just because you don’t list “Cree” does not mean you are being honest. Stop listing Cree emitter types and bins. For example “XM-L T6” are Cree descriptions. LatticeBright LEDs have different names. The Cree XM-L clone by LatticeBright is called the “XL” series and they don’t have bin specifications.

Thanks for coming here to be a good seller. Please buy one of these lights and make them for us at a very cheap price. Thanks.

It is VERY important that a light labeled as CREE would include a true CREE LED emitter. There is a rash of LED emitters made by Lattice Bright that are appearing in lights claimed to be CREE. This may not be the intention of the reseller. So, a reseller like TMart needs to be smart about this kind of problem and work with the supplier to make sure they are receiving a valid product. Know the difference between a Lattice Bright emitter and a CREE emitter. Otherwise, you end up with unsatisfied buyers and they will not make future purchases.

Astrolux that’s a banggood brand products and has a high competitiveness. I have told the purchasing department, and I believe that there will be a new product developed soon. Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

Thanks, we will do it.

Thanks, I knew our problems, and not clear descriptions will feedback to operations Department, let them to edit descriptions again.

Thanks for your reminder, We will let operation department colleagues confirm items details then post it, hope we can do better in the future.

Thanks Louis for coming here on BLF to talk about how to make better lights.

Tmart was an important store until it began to offer the same cheap flashlights as any other online shop, I’m glad you refocus on the customers.

Thank you for your encouragement, Tmart will be more focus on the customers and products, we will stick to do better.