BLF 348

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone knows a source of the BLF 348 with Nichia Led, since GB seems to list as discontinued. Thanks in advance

The only current source I am aware of is Killzone flashlights. It’s rebranded with their logo & a higher price but if you absolutely must have one.

LINK”:Killzone Flashlights Stainless Pen Light

Thanks a lot for your help! :laughing:

I love mine. This must be the same flashlight relabeled.

Well, this is the flashlight the BLF 348 is based upon, but the main difference is the led - Nichia NW high CRI (so i believe) vs Cree CW low CRI

Still, i agree the SF 348 remains a very decent, no nonsense AAA SS flashlight at an affordable price.

unfortunatly informed as discontued.

I bought both versions, and I prefer the Cree to the Nichia. The Cree is still available.

A poster in another thread just did a review of another re-labeled version.

“REVIEW”: Stainless Steel AAA flashlight (

Back in stock -

I have one of these (the BLF version). The switch has stopped working. Anyone know how to strip the tailcap down and a source of replacement switches?

This might help. Then brush with some alcohol? Might just be oxidation or something?

Replacement switches(For reference: source 1, source 2):

Does this help?