BLF GT for sale CONUS only please *SOLD*

It’s literally in the title of the thread and in the want to sell subforum…

Many sales threads in ‘want to sell’ have an auction format.

Every single person here has done plenty of research on something, looked at the specifications a million times, and still said “Wow that’s a lot _ than I expected” when it arrived. The GT absolutely fits that scenario. It’s huge. I’ve seen a million pictures, looked at the specs too many times to count, and yet holding it in hand it is still shockingly large, and I love it. Extended use will most definitely require a strap. Certainly there will be a few that won’t find it ideal.

I am just amazed at the big hullabaloo this thread has created.

It’s the seller’s property, and regardless what was his intention of buying and eventually selling it, it’s nobody’s business.

Lee Marvin says “Whatever the bid…I’ll double it.”

’course he was drunk at the time

I assumed that the only auctions sanctioned by this site were for worthy causes?

I’m new here but I’d think it’s nice of him to sell it here rather than go to eBay and try to raise the price. At least here, he’s dealing with people that know (at least roughly) how much this light cost him. If he was intending to flip it for a profit, he could sell it elsewhere.

[27-SEP-2015] Please be respectful of sellers in the Want to Sell section

30-AUG-2016 Update: Please follow this simple rule: Do not comment on “Want to Sell” items if you are not interested in buying it.

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I knew there will be people selling their GT due to its not so practical size and weight. More will come. :smiley:

You should be happy you get any where near what you paid for your second hand item.
Someone offering more than you paid and you will consider it? LOL :person_facepalming: :rage: :confounded:

So is the light for sale or not? What’s your price?

All I see is a auction.

I was interested, given your price I’d have consider it or passed on it.

Had a holiday get-together yesterday to attend. Log in this morning and see this… WOW!

I believe my “sale” thread was both polite, and concise. I simply asked for serious inquires only, not a bunch of rude, unsolicited opinions!

Enderman, Lightbringer, CJ, I assure you guys that I did not devise a plan a year ago to commit to, then follow the thread, all to possibly make $25 on the sale of the light. Ridiculous, please take your comments elsewhere.

FlashPilot, unknown, Mr. Scott, thanks to you guys for some logical/ thoughtful insight.

I looked at both the renderings, and all of the pictures posted throughout the GB. It wasn’t until I fully assembled and held the light that I realized it was to big/heavy for the application I had in mind. With that said, the people who started from the ground up to engineer, design, build, and organize this project, couldn’t have done a better job. Thanks again for all of your effort!

As to pricing. I understand that some people don’t like the “make me an offer” format but, I have no idea what the market will bare. However, I’m quite sure that if I posted any price, similar, negative comments would follow.

I’ve been here about 5 years, and have never been disrespectful to anyone on the forum. I try to only be helpful and courteous, which is exactly how I want to be treated. If anyone here is unable to fulfill this request, please move along, our business is done here.

Hey how are you doing man? Before I finally purchased the Noctigon Meteor M43 some time ago, I was downloading a bunch of pictures of it, preferably large high resolution pictures. I would stare at those pictures on my 24” monitor, all zoomed in to make it fit on my screen. The M43 on my screen was probably as large as the GT! So I got used to seeing the Meteor this size… And when I finally received the actual light I was like oh my goodness it’s sooo small!!
So yeah, you often need to really have the light in your hand to actually experience the size and weight of it, so surely the GT is not for everyone no matter how awesome it is.

Almost everyone that has received their GT has stated that it is HUGE, getting it in hand really brings to home what those dimensions mean. My Dad is 89, was amazed but could barely hold it even with both hands. (Sad, really, that my Dad has trouble with 5 pounds. :frowning: )

This is indeed a really big light, the weight and sheer size amazes me and delights at the same time, not everyone will be impacted the same way. If I hadn’t spent everything we had at Christmas I’d be putting my own interest in here, would love to be able to gift one to my son-in-law who got a Q8 for Christmas from me, complete with button top 30Q cells. I would expect to pay $150 for a shot, as this is now the going price. Funny how some folks think a light is a second hand object because it got shipped to someone else first. Don’t most of our lights ship to a dealer and then to us? What’s the difference? Don’t you think the dealer takes new lights, new brands, out of the boxes and plays with them? I’ve seen evidence of this many times before, didn’t consider it a second hand light. Now, if it’d been used in the field and dropped, scarred up, lens scratched, that’d be different. As it is, this is a brand new, in the box with all papers light just like you’d receive for $150 and a wait if you went into the thread this moment and sounded off with your “I want one!” right now!

Good luck Scot, sorry you can’t hold onto this as it’s really an epic venture from the forum and a well made light from Lumintop. :slight_smile:

One of them may be me, because i was on the fence because of its size, and apparently it’s even bigger than most have imagined, despite the pictures and videos.

By the way, i don’t think unboxing and testing / trying makes something “2nd hand” either.

Thanks to everyone who made me a respectful offer.
Contrary to some who accused me of being “tacky” or having ulterior motives for buying the light in the first place it is going to someone who does a lot of good for this community!

Whatd it sell for?

I hope less than he paid. He is like a black Friday hawk who goes in, grabs all the cheap stuff then instantly posts it on eBay to make some money.

To me this is worse as it’s a group buy, a forum effort… You basically took someone’s spot stopping them get it at a cheaper rate and now you’ve made a profit (possibly) just because you got your name in early.

Huge may be an understatement, this thing may be measured in lumens, candlepower or how many clowns can pop out of it at the circus :wink:

Y’know, I was going to leave it alone and not comment any more, but since my one earlier comment got brought up again and I’m seemingly getting dragged into it again, why not?

This is exactly the point. It’s like ticket-scalping. Someone takes 1 of N items, a finite supply, then resells it at a profit, depriving someone else who waited in line and lost out. Hence my comment about it being “tacky”.

It’s one thing to say, “first reasonable offer takes it” (maybe even expecting to eat the shipping cost or whatnot), then yeah, sell it above spot if that’s the surprise offer, but to get that offer and hold out for more? Yeah, tacky.

There’s nothing illegal about it, you’ve got every right to do that, as it’s not violating anyone’s TOS (at least not that I know of), but it’s still tacky. Sorry, but I just call it like I see it.

I don’t get the feeling that’s what happened here.

Had a guy offer me $260 for mine yesterday. I got back on the list to get him one for the $155ish price.