BLF GT reflector

Im planning on doing a custom build and need to know where i can source the BLF GT reflector, it is my preferred reflector at the moment for this build but id also consider any other large reflector for that matter. I have already found that i can get the MF04 on BG (a bit expensive) and found that i had no luck in sourcing the stratus leds huge 125mm reflector as i sent them a email with no reply as to date. The KD 86mm reflector is probably a bit on the smallish side for what i want to do. so if there are any other large reflectors out there that i have not mentioned lead me to them!!

There are the LUM 5-90 reflectors, which now go by the name of XHP50-5 evidently. Minimum order QTY is 6, but I have some if you would like one.

ohh yes i forgot to mention that i already have 2 of those. im looking for a SMO reflector by the way.

Got them directly from Lumintop… Victor Shou (at this e-mail address)

awesome, ill try him. thanks were they expensive? hope not!

Kind of…$35 each shipped so $70 bucks for 2 and they are better than the stock ones I got in both my GT35’s. I asked Victor to pick me out 2 good ones…. he did!

He is a righteous dude, no messing around type and he understands english really well, no com problems at all :+1: !

awesome, hope he pulls through for me, thats not a bad price when you consider the MF04 reflector is $83 ($122 AUD for me) :open_mouth:


These customs reflectors are huge, and very hard to make.

They are quite expensive.

Looks like Victor hasn’t gotten back to me. do you have any other contacts at Lumintop? or am i high and dry?