BLF GT70 Battery Carriers

When converting a BLF GT to BLF GT70, can you use the battery carriers form the GT, or must one use the GT70 carriers? I’ve read a lot and can’t find the difference - bigger springs or something?


The BLF GT has one 12V XHP35 led, and the BLF GT70 has one 12V XHP70.2 led.
Both are 12V, so there should be no problem using the same carriers.

Though not explicitely mentioned, the next LINK says nothing about one ore more carriers being part of the BLF GT to BLF GT70 conversion kit. Same result as above.

That’s what I thought, but they sell different carriers for the conversion - but like you I don’t see why they are necessary.

I know nothing to that effect, where did you come across the need for a different carrier?
Post #2799 of the thread mentioned above says: using the same carrier works fine.

EDIT: Some clarification is in order.
The TA conversion kit has a 12V XHP70.2 led. Warning: this led is also available in 6V.
AFAIK there are 2 types of carriers. 12V = 4 cells in series. 3V = 4 cells parallel.

It’s worth noting there is also a way to do a 2S2P (6V) carrier, like how Astrolux did for the MF02.

Also if anyone is trying to do the SBT90.2 conversion, I have spare carrier boards for that (which are 3V).

It’s 12v, Neal sells them here:

I purchased the original GT, then upgraded to the XHP70 and now the SBT90.2.

The GT and GT70 use the same carriers, it’s only the GT90 that uses 3V carriers

GT90 Carriers are easy to get;