BLF Interest List: EX3 High Current Beryllium Copper Silver Plated springs - Still selling my springs :)

@Marc E and DavidEF, that’s it.

In for 12 of the unicorn emitters.

I’m in for:

20 large 3.0 springs
20 small 3.0 springs

Thanks for offering these.

In for 10 of the SST-20’s.


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The max-width thing option would be something nice if set in the forum code, so no more page layout messes.

By the way, what's the budget phosphor bronze IACS rating?


19% IACS.

Do you have my 3 SST-20 FD2 LEDs on your list (BLF Interest List for Silver Plated High Current Beryllium Copper Springs upgrade and 95+CRI SST20/LH351D LEDs! )? I don’t see me on your spreadsheet.

Mmm, what does that means? $0.15 each small phosphor bronze spring and $0.20 each big spring? I just see a “C54400” column in the spreadsheet table so…


Thanks DavidEF/BlueSwordM.

In which case i’d like to add another 10 large and 10 small v3 springs to my order, taking the total to 20 of each.
And can you add 5 GA3s if that’s an option please?

I don’t have the prices yet, since I haven’t yet received an answer from the manufacturer.

I’ll do 10 of the SST-20s.

We are at 481 LEDs!

We’ll probably reach 500 LEDs soon, and I’ll be able to order the LEDs probably Wednesday.

Please put me down for 10 SST20’s.

We are at 491 LEDs:

I’m in for:
20 larger springs 3
10 FD2s

We are at 516pcs!

Now that it’s confirmed that there is enough interest, I’ll start sending payments for the LEDs only, starting in Sunday.

I will order the LEDs on Wednesday, on June 5th.

Awesome! Thanks for facilitating this.

Yes, but people can still enter, which is great.

I want as many people as possible to get on here.

im not on the list :person_facepalming:

im after 10 SST-20 4k FD2