BLF Interest list for Very High Current Beryllium Copper springs Pt1(ENDED)

I’ll take 30 if there are two sizes or 20 if it’s just this one

50 pcs for me, thanks.

The list was updated again.


I have added an interest list for a smaller spring. I might try to get another batch made for smaller springs. Express your interest if you want one.

I will also make an Excel sheet for following everything, as this is getting tedious.

interested in 20 depending on final price :disguised_face:

I have updated the list again,

So, would anyone be interested in a smaller driver side springs? Just wanting to know.

Put me down for 20 please. If the smaller ones get made I’ll take 20 of them as well.

Small springs is a good idea. Maybe I would be interested. But what dimensions?

Hmm. I had not thought about this.

Perhaps these dimensions and characteristics:

- Material: C17530(Berrylium Copper) with IACS of 38%

- Spring upper diameter: 4mm

- Spring base diameter: 5mm

- Spring thickness: 0,75mm

- Spring height: 8mm

- Plating: Zinc plating

That would be adequate for almost all driver side spring builds.

10+10 for me

15+15, please

Why upper and base diameter isn’t the same?

35 please

Have you asked for a Sample from this manufacturer? Not necessarily in the exact size but it would be smart to test one ahead of time for quality if possible

@contacr thank you I had completely forgotten about that thank you.

I will request a sample. I do have confidence in the supplier though.

They have had a factory for 10 years on their page, and 19 years in total.

I will ask a sample for 10pcs, though it is going to be expensive.

Will the springs be shipped directly to people in the paid list if ever?

Do the price quoted include shipping?

Just something they already have in stock of the same material if possible to see the plating, finishing, test resistance and stuff. Make sure it sits nice and flat and has a good top with bounce.

I would be in , but i would like to see a test of the sample first …

Btw , after testing numerous springs , the ideal size for me is this :

7mm top is really small

@tatasal, this is only an interest list. If there is enough demand and the samples I will order are good and very low resistance, I will buy the complete 1000pcs and ship them to everybody.

No the prices do not include shipping. The max INTERNATIONAL shipping price should be at max 8$, and probably lower, as that is only an estimate. I will try to find a way to make shipping as inexpensive as possible however.

My goal is not to make a profit, but get the best springs possible to everyone. Even if I have to pay a bit of the shipping fees out of my pocket.

@contactcr, I have asked for 10pcs of the Beryllium springs for 20% of the price we have agreed on. If everything goes well, then the group buy will begin, and not the interest list only :laughing:

@giorgoskok, actually, 7mm top is about perfect for all scenarios.

I based my springs upon the BLF Q8’s springs, but made the bottom diameter just a bit smaller for universal compatibility with all switch board, and top a little wider for as much contact area as possible on the cell.

In for 20