*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

In that case the LT1 has been out for a VERY long time and at the moment (to my knowledge) there’s no ETA on the LT1 color

FYI, as in a later comment, there are also black stickers. The light WILL come on at least once with only the top/positive removed. Obviously there is a capacitor involved. But it fooled me into not looking for a negative end shipping barrier.


OK, because my light had come on with only the top battery shipping barrier removed I “assumed” it was a battery charging problem. Obviously there is a charged capacitor that ran the light without batteries. The battery negative end barrier black dots blend into the battery and look like part of the cell. They are attached with a good adhesive so while not hard, good enough to make me wonder if I was being smart or not. Manufacturer was very responsive. But one asked if the switch lights were covered in the instructions. I’ve honestly miss-placed mine is a big clean but nothing I found on line spoke to them


Not VERY long time, just one YEAR. Same like for the possible colors, which even have their colour decision poll.

I’m just discovering this great lantern … i’m interested !

What’s the best way / best place to order it (at the best price) ? Banggood ?
And where to find accessories ?

Given the Black Friday sales coming up (and a $5 discount code you can get from [Black Friday Deal]Sofirn Aliexpress Store~Deal price for all products), I’d recommend Sofirn’s AliExpress listing. Don’t forget to also stack a store coupon (orange one) with your other discounts! Not sure about accessories, I don’t think there are any official ones (some people have taken to 3D printing a reflector to make it more directional, though).

Thanks for the link and explanations about coupons (otherwise i would have missed them) ! (ordered for 34€)

Just registered to say - don't buy it from the Sofirn official store with shipment from the US, as they will charge you more and ship it from China anyway.

30% off on Amazon US with code right now (comes with 4 batteries). Message Sofirn for the code. Sofirn Thanksgiving Special Deal-----Up to 30% Off, 7 Attractive Options In stock Amazon Prime, delivers in a couple days.

Hello DBSAR, what do you know about the shortage of resources at the anodizing factory?
How are the chances to get the coloured versions in 2021 ?

I was just about to post and say to order from Sofirn directly but wow. My LT1 is on the way from them but shipping from China was my only option since I’m in Canada.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the best luck with some Chinese sellers of late. Both Sofirn and Thrunite allowed me to order items that were not actually in stock. Had no problems getting refunds but cmon, how hard is it to manage inventory these days? It looks as though they didn’t have stock in the US warehouse and simply shipped from China instead. :person_facepalming:

Hi all. I have just received my Lantern and couldn’t be happier. What a terrific peice of camping equipment. One thing I have noticed is when the latern is OFF there is a very very faint glow from 4 LED’s. Is this able to be turned off ? I have read through the instructions but I couldn’t see anything obvious. I have factory reset the light but it still persists. I have Ver 5.
Your help would be appreciated.

Welcome to the forum tjlantern.

That does not seem normal and sounds similar to an issue reported by forum member Scallywag.

You may want to send a PM (Private Message) to Scallywag to ask if the issue was resolved.

From a post in this thread by Scallywag:

From a post in this thread by ToyKeeper:

From a post in this thread by Scallywag:

Thanks Roostre. I’ll take your advise and PM scallywag. Cheers

This is their idea of customer service:

No acknowledgement of the problem nor apology. Sure it’s not going to affect my life too greatly but I’m sharing it here so people can consider it in their purchasing decisions.

Living in Australia I have a choice when I purchase a torch. I can buy it from a local retailer (though there’s not too many around) and get quick delivery from local stock with warranty protected by Australian consumer law.

Or I can buy from a chinese website with all the variables that this transaction entails.

The difference in price is significant - local is double ex China.

You get what you pay for. Sofirn is GREAT value for my $$.

Try contacting them via email us@sofirnlight.com or send a message to Sofirn on this forum. I’m sure that they’ll respond relatively quickly and help you out.

I ordered an LT1 via Amazon Australia on the 29th of October with a code from ozbargain. There was no stock in Australia so it was shipped from China. It arrived on the 6th of November. 4 clear business days. 9 days if you count weekends, public holiday etc.

Your post does not make any sense.

What were the circumstances of your problem ?
& your communications with what company ?

Nobody can comment without more details.

The whole family loves the lt1. The other night we had a guest and put him in my youngest daughter’s room. We put her on a cot in a spare room with the LT1 as her bedside light… and she was happy as could be. Yes, a 10 year old can operate an anduril lantern.

Back to the question of colors (sorry). Why do I have a choice of 6 anodized colors in a sofirn CO1S, but can only get an LT1 in black?
Having trouble buying the “anodizing factory problem” story.