*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

I will be asking then to reduce the opacity of the frosting of the globe/lens. As less frosting will not affect the CRI as much, and will also allow more lumens through, (a double bonus) I will list the changes soon to the production one over the test unit.

indeed the test unit lens is closer to the edges of the head and the mid section, which i like as it reduces any edge shadows and increases the illuminance angle directions.

This sounds like a win - win too. :+1:

Forgive me if this is a redundant question, but is there a user-interface diagram somewhere back in these 150 pages of posts?

There is a specification list posted in the OP, but for the operation of the firmware of the lantern’s modes, our team member Toykeeper is developing a LT1 lantern version of the Andruil software, (and should be a full schematic of the operation soon of the finalized production of the lantern user-interface.

Thanks for the info :+1:

The user interface will be similar to the first item in the linked post. What that does not show is the tint mixing commands. Also, that light is based on a single 7135 regulator plus a FET driver. The driver for the lantern is several 7135s, so the output is always regulated to the set level.

Great job on the video DBSAR. It was nice to see and here you describe the features. :+1:
The lantern is looking very good, really looking forward to gifting a couple to my sons.

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you may add a 0.1F supercap to the driver which is more than enough to sustan the bumps and also funftion with no battery
anyway a alntern is not meant to bump around much
Fireflies tested a 100uF cap added to C2 and it does not work good reducing bumps shutting the light off

Anduril can be flashed that it comes after a bump on last memorized leven, which will work well, the question is if we want this on the stock light or not

It depends. Myself I camp in 3 styles.
I often arrive by car and spend time in a tent - then size and volume are or secondary concern.
Or I travel with backpack, sometimes by foot. Then size and weight are critical, LT1 is surely too large.
There’s also one yearly event where I travel by car but leave it several km from the tent. Then size and weight matter but are not critical.

Overall…I like compactness. But I don’t really care much as LT1 is already quite big and heavy.

I assume that the final version will not have lantern-useless modes like “momentary” and “bicycle strobe”, but do we know yet whether it will contain the candle, sleep timer, lightning storm, etc?

I second this. Function before form.

While I’m at it, sbslider/Sig, would you please add two more for me please. Should bring the total to 6. Thanks!

Those modes may be useless for a lantern, but it makes me think that it would be useful to have a mode to attract attention in an emergency with long run-time. Whether that’s … - - - … or something else, there are probably others here more qualified.

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Very Good job on the Video, lots of information.

I like the idea of the 2 O-Rings for people like me why drop/tip over things.

I mixed a 3000K and 5000K in a lightly frosted quad TIR, resulting beam is this:

CCT = 3887K (Duv 0.0010)

Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 92.7 [ R9 = 68.5 ] R1 = 93.3 R2 = 93.7 R3 = 93.3 R4 = 93.7 R5 = 93.0 R6 = 91.5 R7 = 94.4 R8 = 88.4 R9 = 68.5 R10 = 85.2 R11 = 94.6 R12 = 79.2 R13 = 93.1 R14 = 96.4

Yxy: 2088.710557 0.386335 0.382505

It’s not the exact LEDs the lantern will have but it should be a ballpark number for when both channels are at “max”. This is a good result and lands very close to BBL.

Yes, there is definitely use for a beacon mode. And I’d like to see more of a true beacon, like many of the Nitecore lights. Beacons in current Anduril releases only implement something I’d call a “blinker”.

A momentary would actually be quite useful as it would allow for quick operation for quick uses.

Whats the difference of what you’d call a “true beacon”, vs what you’d call a “blinker”. I personally think Aduril is great considering you can adjust the timing and light intensity, which you can’t do on any Nitecore light that I know of.

For some reason I thought I put my name on the list 2 years ago, but I did not. Please put me down for one .