*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Please add me for one more, making a total of 2.

thank you.

May I please request 2 additional units?

Two for me please, thanks

One additional for me please! Thank you!

Added myself for another 3 :money_mouth_face:

Just as a way of heads up as the lantern will be shipping soon, Amishbill has offered to make and sell some custom BLF LT1 wrapped cells for this lantern and has also published a PDF for those wanting to do it themselves. Might put this on the first post as well.


Post #60 is the PDF link: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/58418?page=1

There are multiple versions, here’s one.

Put me down for 2 LT1 without batteries please.

For ebay buyers, they can click “Make Offer”, fill the group buy price and send BLF ID, we will accept it if BLF ID confirmed.

Links (one order per person, one unit per order. Manual controll)
lantern alone: Camping & Hiking Lanterns for sale | eBay, lantern with batteries: https://www.ebay.com/itm/383203278208

For Aliexpress buyers, they must leave message with BLF ID before paying, refresh the unfinished order page, if price is changed GB price, pay it.

Link (one order per person, one unit per order. Manual controll)

Im sending amazon codes one by one, thank you for your patience. You can search BLF LT1 on amazon.com to check out.

Please see my initial post (#7444) requesting to be placed on the list for TWO (2) LT1’s. I’m currently on the list for one (#2630). Please update to two if still possible. Thanks!

In for one, please.

Please put me down for a second. Thanks!

one by one? :slight_smile: That could take a while. I need patience. I saw that I could order one from E-Bay but it looks like it would take a month or so to arrive. Anyway, the ball is rolling!

Will there be LT1’s sent to Amazon US/EU warehouse for Fulfilled by Amazon purchase? Maybe from second batch?

Wow, I’m excited I just saw the Amazon posting for the lantern. Can’t wait to order.

Made an offer on Ebay per Sofirn’s instruction. Thank you

Probably not that long. If you assume 5 minutes per PM, 5 people doing it, and 3000 lanterns then that’s only 50 hours :smiley:

I’d like to add myself to this long list of people in need :wink:

Let me know then if you type a updated one, and i can post it.

I’d love to have one.