*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Please put me down for 1. This will definitely help with the rescues. Any idea on ETA?

Take care Den, work through it as best as you can.

May your lights be a beacon to you as they have been for others.

Take your time and focus on what is important to YOU.

Color me interested - been looking for a good camping light, and your OP post seems to lay out everything well as far as features and design choices go.

The only thing I’m left wondering about is what the estimated weight will be like, given a full metal body and quad 18650. Hoping it’d still be suitable for backpacking and not just car camping =D

I am hoping & planing once i get over this hurdle after the new year, to work with the others on the teal to push this lantern to a reality.

I have no idea what the projected weight of this light is. However, FWIW, the completed SRK I modded into my version of DBSAR’s lantern weighs in at exactly 500 grams with 4 Samsung 30Q cells inserted.

Nice work! Great to see my lantern prototype was an inspiration to you. :+1:

Sorry to hear this, stay strong and have an nice holiday season

I’m in for the group buy! In fact, sign me up for 2.

Sorry to hear that. I hope life is improving. Merry Christmas.

Count me in for one.

Please put me down for two :+1:

Is there any idea of price yet?

Not yet, but we hope to push more on this after the holidays :slight_smile:

interested in 1

put me down for 2.

Definitely interested in one of these.

Please put me down for 2.



Please add me to the list!

Count me in for one please.

Please put me down for a second lantern