*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

I have a suggestion…
Go buy something else from another source if you want a lantern now or yesterday.

  • I can not, and will NOT push a manufacturer who has stepped in to take on this project for us, to get it done in the time some of you want it.
    Sorry it has been in the works for some time, (because First, some of us have lives other than dedicating time & energy into projects that don’t put bread on our table & pay the bills. Some of us don’t have the perfect life or lives going as smoothly as you may have, (read back through my current situation with what i am dealing with family and real life outside this project, where most would have walked away like others have when they run into hardships in their lives) Its comments like yours who drive the interest from us who spend sleepless nights and many, many hours of free time to push these projects forward. We have some key team members helping with this lantern project disappear from BLF completely (TheMiller & DEL) who were helping me and the few other dedicated people here working to help get this a reality, if you can not understand that and how much can go into developing something like this then go elsewhere to get want you want. There are a couple posters here in this topic who have been a “thorn in the side” of this project for some time, we don’t need more.
  • Den

I completely understand your response(I run my own business, have family and run a team in SAR) and was actually after a simply time frame so I would know/ have an idea…
And sometimes that’s all it takes to appease people.
As to pushing a manufacturer I never suggested you do…

BUT if you would prefer I leave this thread and nolonger have the three lanterns am down for then simply say……

With the life experience you have I expect that you know that often there is no simple ansewer

I do… but sometimes one can be found :wink:

I bought this to keep me going because I was in the same boat as you and needed one asap, it’s decent

Nice lantern but concerned about this DBSAR Lantern Mini-Review: -Zanflare T1 (UPDATE: Second T1 failed! and as I often use lanterns underground an IPX54 is not suitable. BUT thank you for you recommendation….

I also support the it’s done when it’s done mentality, I don’t see a good reason to rush the production of a simpler version with a much better mk2 on the horizon.

And I would be careful to recommend the Zanflare T1: on the one hand it’s a nice little lantern, but on the other hand it has serious overheating issues. Because the inner metal tube doubles as led heatsink and battery tube the battery gets critically overheated (50-60°C in most cases, some even hotter) when the lantern is on max power for more than a few minutes. Some people already had accidents with venting batteries.

heard there was a few issues but not heard about venting!!! Crap thats not good!!!

I’m interested for one, if price will be good.

Please show me where people had batteries venting, I’d like to look further into this.

Search bar is your friend: DBSAR Lantern Mini-Review: -Zanflare T1 (UPDATE, Cell heating flaw discovered, Post #11

Yes…… PLEASE show us.
Im pretty sure this is simply BS. I dont think there has been any problems with the Zanflare T1 unless a defective battery is used or the unit is bad. Some said there was a design issue but if that was true, it would affect ALL T1s. I have three and none have issues……… I love them and patiently await the LT1

You should read the whole thread and not just the first post

No one wants you to leave the group buy. But with the interest list over 1000, if you do decide to not purchase 3 lanterns some one will scoop them up eventually. To “lighten” things up a bit, pretend you are about to go swimming here:

! !

I know less about when this will happen then those more experienced. If I needed a lantern for this fall/winter I would be definitely looking elsewhere. If I needed one for next spring/summer camping, I would be holding on for now. I have a few people I want to gift this lantern to, so the timing is not critical for me.

All that said, time for an update to the interest list.

1035 folg
1036 MrBoss
1037 pilotdog68
1038 JaredM
1039 Funzel67
1040 Klotski
1041 wellerus

interest list sorted by entry number

interest list sorted by user names

A couple of those above said the number interested might change depending on price. Price estimates have been bantered about, likely between $30 and $40 each without batteries. Nothing is settled, so that is only an estimate. If you want an update to the quantity based on my estimate, just post here or PM me.

I’m missing numbers between 1029 and 1035, ( i didn’t see those posted or missed them.

This post
1030 Macnus
1031 Bullmajor
1032 timbo114
1033 Sukoi
1034 Tomogchi

got it.

Hi Sbslider, based on your price estimate I am interested in one more of these lanterns which would bring the total for me to three (3). Thank you.

But on the bright side, the United Nations and the associated world leaders are now aware of the project.

I was indeed talking about the discussion under DBSARs review, seems like I forgot to insert the link. And yes he is the only one who had a venting battery (so far). It wasn’t my intention to start a panic about this, I just wanted everybody informed about this flaw, so that they can use the lantern savely.