*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

I second this. Function before form.

While I’m at it, sbslider/Sig, would you please add two more for me please. Should bring the total to 6. Thanks!

Those modes may be useless for a lantern, but it makes me think that it would be useful to have a mode to attract attention in an emergency with long run-time. Whether that’s … - - - … or something else, there are probably others here more qualified.

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Very Good job on the Video, lots of information.

I like the idea of the 2 O-Rings for people like me why drop/tip over things.

I mixed a 3000K and 5000K in a lightly frosted quad TIR, resulting beam is this:

CCT = 3887K (Duv 0.0010)

Color Rendering Index (Ra) = 92.7 [ R9 = 68.5 ] R1 = 93.3 R2 = 93.7 R3 = 93.3 R4 = 93.7 R5 = 93.0 R6 = 91.5 R7 = 94.4 R8 = 88.4 R9 = 68.5 R10 = 85.2 R11 = 94.6 R12 = 79.2 R13 = 93.1 R14 = 96.4

Yxy: 2088.710557 0.386335 0.382505

It’s not the exact LEDs the lantern will have but it should be a ballpark number for when both channels are at “max”. This is a good result and lands very close to BBL.

Yes, there is definitely use for a beacon mode. And I’d like to see more of a true beacon, like many of the Nitecore lights. Beacons in current Anduril releases only implement something I’d call a “blinker”.

A momentary would actually be quite useful as it would allow for quick operation for quick uses.

Whats the difference of what you’d call a “true beacon”, vs what you’d call a “blinker”. I personally think Aduril is great considering you can adjust the timing and light intensity, which you can’t do on any Nitecore light that I know of.

For some reason I thought I put my name on the list 2 years ago, but I did not. Please put me down for one .

I’m in! Put me on the interest list.

Sweet sassy molassey. A million opinions will lead to a million years in wait. I think by this point in time DBSAR has earned the position of ultimate authority in the creation of this light. I say we let him ride with his gut and finish it. Sure, smaller size and lesser opacity would be nice but I’m down for even his current prototype if it were available. Who says there has to be only one? This isn’t highlander. Make some options available at time of purchase and it should appease the masses. It works for the other guys.

I’m not funkychateau but this is Nitecore NU20 CRI beacon mode.
NU20 CRI beacon - YouTube (captured in 720p120, YT transcoded to 720p60, link to original in description)
This required many attempts…but I actually managed to capture the blip in 720p960 (720p30 playback).
960fps NU20 CRI beacon - YouTube (link to original in description)

This is what comes to my mind when someone says beacon.
I’m not good with maths but I calculated the above slow-mo capture should represent ~0.184s of real life and since there’s 177 frames in the file and the blip takes ~21 frames it would mean Nitecore’s beacon duration is ~22ms compared to Anduril’s 500ms which is rather long but that’s just my opinion.
I recall they say a blink of an eye takes ~300-400ms so 500ms certainly is a blink.

However I don’t think this needs to change in the firmware, if someone doesn’t like it they can always modify it themselves and flash it. (assuming the LT1 firmware is available for download after release?)

:+1: Im sending Barry the small list of adjustments today to get this first version LT1 rolling into production.

please put me on the list for one unit

A true beacon has a very short “on” time, so that you can have a high-intensity beacon yet very low average current. All of the Anduril versions I’ve read about only let you adjust off time, and you’re stuck with the half-second or so of on time. Knock that on-time down, and you could run a beacon at turbo brightness for days, or even weeks.

A real beacon, which provides a high-intensity locator function for long periods of time, is a very useful feature in a wilderness light.

You don’t need to be able to adjust on-time, just hardcore it shorter. About 0.05 seconds is a really good compromise. Easily seen, yet uses 10 times less average battery current that the existing implementation.

All of my Nitecores, even the headlamp (I believe), have good true-beacon implementations.

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I’d also like to be added to the list.

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Going in all directions like…

As we all know, we can talk and chat about different changes to the LT1 lantern for weeks, months, & even years more, but its time to set it ready to get this into production. I have decided on the small changes to make it easier to get this rolling for orders, and with the changes i am happy with this version of LT1 as the first. Either way, this will be better in so many ways than ever other area light/lantern i have tested, used, bought, and even modified, regardless of size. I sent Barry of Sofirn the changes list and information today. after long thinking and deliberation, i decided to leave the head size same as the sample, as it is still smaller than most of my more powerful lanterns, but has so much more abilities and capacity.

Once it goes into production, i will continue to work on the accessory kit that can be acquired for the lantern, or added in the future as a deluxe set.