*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

Count me in on the interest list please.

Looks like a great bit of kit.

Definitely agree with keeping the default modes simple!

Also while I think USB charging is really important in a lantern, I don’t think the ability to act as a power bank is that important if increasing cost and complexity. Actual power banks with quick charge are so readily available, light and compact that probably most people take one tramping, letalone car camping.



Interested in 1 (depending on price).

Good to see this suddenly taking off and taking shape with a Team now.

Thanks for your hard work.


S-L :slight_smile:

At the moment it’s mostly DEL doing all the work, designing a circuit which will handle light and USB in a SRK-style form factor. It may well be the hardest part of this project.

Physical host design seems like it’ll be a fair amount of work too, due to the USB port(s) and all the lantern-style adjustments to the head.

Since I’m doing firmware, I’ve got the easy job… all I have to do is port my FSM toolkit to the new driver and tweak the calibration and settings. Most of the work there was done months ago.

Ok, I thought I already joined this one………but I dont see it so,

Put me in for at least 1, more than likely 2-4 if the price is not too high.


I am working on doing a modification to the prototype to make the head of the lantern more stronger, (using a center bolt to hold the head & globe/shade together) but testing with two LEDs. Also will revise the drawing design to show the change that works with o-rings. Also adding tripod mounts to the bottom as some mentioned that would be as good option, (for lighting up a campsite or back yard are on a tripod.

Please add me to the list for 1.


This project has me excited!

Please add me to the interest list

If the LED (s) will not be in the center, and instead a bolt will be there, I’d rather see three (or four) LEDs used, so the light doesn’t become bi-directional with shadow lines between the outputs of the two LEDs.

But you’re testing it, so I’ll trust you to come up with what works. :smiley:

Rather than a center bolt, how about a center tube to use as a wire chase?


That was an option to test. ( a hollow bolt/tube to run the wires to the LEDs.

Pardon if I wasn’t able to check the earlier messages, but around how much would be the approximate price of this BLF lantern?
I’d be interested, depending on the price…

The specs have not been completely nailed down yet, so we don’t have a complete BOM yet, or a commitment from a manufacturer, so no final cost. The Q8 that this is hopefully going to be similar to had a group buy price of $40, “MSRP” of $80, and a coupon that brings it down to around $45-50 currently.

There are a lot of folks on the list under the heading “interested, depending on price”. Chances are good that it will be a great value though.

Add me to the list. I have a Fenix CL25R I have in case the power goes out and this looks way better.

Interested for a second on.

I am interested

thought I had commented on this one already, but I guess not.

please put me down as interested in one.

Interested in one!