** BLF LT1M-Mini Project - The little Lantern! ( PM's sent today June 21, 2022)**


Interested in two.

i’m interested, count me in

i always feel like LT1 is too big, and this mini version will definitely satisfy me

I’ll take 3


The design seems to be similar to my Yogurt Lantern. I’m really interested in your experiences with the reflector shape.

I’m interested in 2 please.

I’m interested, add me to the list Please.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful- does this light have practicality?

The form does not seem logical to me, but I do not know much about the design function, or original LT1.

It seems to me that a design like Nitecore’s LA10/LR12, or their other lanterns, or Lumintop E05C, or any small style light + diffuser would be lighter/less fragile/more portable.

Maybe the diffuser of the LT1 works better? Also the adjustable tint is very cool.

Is it mainly just a cool light to add to the collection?






…and thanks to all of you that lend your time and energy to making this happen.

Love it. Interested in 3. Wondering about an 18350 tube for compact size. And some kind of base for stability.

Please add me to the list for 1.

Definitely interested!

The lead time on this should work out to be a lot shorter than the LT1 ideally!

I’d be interested in one for my car depending upon price!

If the BLF LT1M-Mini will work with a protected 18650, then put me down for two instead of one.

(I'll get one for me and one for the family. They only use protected 18650 cells.)

Interested :+1: