BLF Q8 user interface / manual /request for a video

Hm, can you go forward in strobe modes?
Double tab, double tab, single tab should you bring to the police strobe.

Navigation in all MODES is:
single click = forward
click&hold = backward

Ok. Got it I think. From a strobe mode, a single click must happen within a second of entering strobe mode to change the strobe mode!

A swear a clearer manual would help. Simple “step by step” directions with details … please…

Onward to looking at other aspects of the modes.

Is there a “reset to factory default” sequence a user can use to… well, to reset to default if one accidentally changes things they didn’t want to?


Factory reset:

Ramping mode, From OFF or ON : 3x click > 2x click > 2x click > press and hold 1-2 seconds will blink 4 times to confirm reset.

MODEs(not in ramping mode), From OFF : Click + Click and hold for 3 seconds > 2x click > 2x click > press and hold 1-2 seconds will blink 4 times to confirm reset

Thank you!!! It’s awesome to have such great knowledgeable ppl here to support this rally eat light.

However, it would be even better to have all this IN THE USER MANUAL. I know, it’s a new release intended for us flashaholics, but earlier the miller asked if th manual wasn’t clear and what could improve it… voila a couple examples to work on as time permits.

The following is a message yesterday in another thread from jowchina.

I still don’t know which of the documentationS you want.

1. Advanced Notes and Usage document for the Q8 NarsilM v1.0. Please find it in both docx and PDF format in the BLF Q8 google drive share here . (link is external)
2. Under the same google drive is NarsilM reference for the Q8
3. The normal NarsilM stuff (not Q8) is this Googledrive (link is external)
4. NarsilM Cheat Sheet is under (link is external)

All docs are PDF, Toms stuff is also doc.
The cheat sheet is a missused table and in 100% view cells are overlapping, so no WYSIWYG. The only way to see it completely is a PDF viewer.

Finally, you where to slow :slight_smile:

Another source of information:
Tom has a Thread for NarsilM NarsilM - configurable e-switch firmware for Multi channels, v1.3

And there is a Firmware discussion thread

One problem with writing proper manuals is it’s moving very quick. It’s nearly useless to write things down.

And the next thing is already cocking, please read in the Spaghetti Monster thread if you like:
From Toykeeper: Anduril a UI for FSM
A firmware under development similar to Narsil.
Anduril is described in post #3in the thread of Spaghetti Monster (FSM)

It would be much bigger.
It must be split in two parts, for RAMPING and MODES. And something for configuration. To look nice it would be 3 pages.
And TK has not everything of here firmware in the visual.
The Emisar D4 UI has a lot of extra text.
The Nasil CS has nearly every blink signal described, URLs and other stuff.
I know it’s small text and packed and I don’t think it is nice, but hey, you can store it in the lamp.

Or you can store the PDF on your smartphone.

Lol Joechina! Yup, I was too slow! I must have been admiring the light!

Now, I guess I realize the fw is indeed à moving target, but the fw as shipped in the first 500 units should be a consistant batch? I certainly have no easy way to flash new updated firmware… that I’m aware of anyway… and I won’t even ask in this thread on how to, as I’d like to keep this on topic and not go all ADD on everyone -:slight_smile:

I guess it would be teriffic to have someone knowledgeable do a …? Three part video series, including links to the reference material on:

1- unboxing and using the primary features in ramp mode (as shipped from th factory). This should include things like getting into and changing strobe, resetting to factory defaults (I call this the escape hatch), and general overview of operations.
2- getting into programming mode, explain the ins’s and outs and tricks of getting into programming, saving various modes etc.
3- a fairly detailed video of actually programming the various and multiple modes

I know… I should take this on and finally contribute to this thread rather than stir things up, but I’m no where near capable of doing so at this time. This light is certainly not for a rookie or good to gift to non-techies, but it’s very cool. FYI, I am gifting a pile of BLF A6’s including good batteries and a simple but safe charger out as Christmas presents to some friends and family. It’s complicated, but no where near as option-Ritchie as the Q8!

Anyway, thanks to JasonWW for his vids. They are good, but I’d still like to see a more thurough and precise/specific video that, as the Germans would say, “step by step” (and as Americans may say (the Q8 for dummies).


As I’m playing with it more and reading the CS more closely - I’m realizing I just skimmed over some of the details too quickly at first. :slight_smile: e.g. I missed the note about mode switches needing to be done within 1.2s each time or the next click turns it off. Had to watch JasonWW’s videos and read some of the other posts to see what I was doing wrong.

I might try to make some kind of flowchart for myself just because it sticks in my head better that way - I don’t see it being any more compact than the CS though.

OK, I need help with Narsil. I can’t understand the CS. It simply makes no sense to me. I’m missing something.

I’m totally lost but here is where I am… When I click once I have moonlight, another quick press gives me medium, then another quick press takes me to hi, one more press and off. I have no idea how I got here, but I don’t like it. I was trying to turn off timed heat regulation and get into temperature regulation and got to where I am.

I want to get back to ramping. I think returning to factory defaults would also do it (would it ?). But first things first. How do I get back to ramping and the factory defaults?

Then I want to get out of timed heat regulation and into the factory set 55°C heat regulation.

From off how do I do that? Please assume I know nothing and you’ll be very close to what I need. I tried the CS and I’m definitely missing something critical to success.

Please folks, in text and step by step so that I can read it since I can’t understand the CS. I can understand TKs flow charts but the CS is beyond me.

Factory reset is easiest way to start over again. Who knows what else you messed with.

From OFF: Click + Click and HOLD for 2.5 - 3 seconds > double click > double click > Press and hold for 2-3 seconds It will flash 4 times to confirm reset.

Got it! Thanks!

I think I’ll just stay with the 3 minute heat regulation for now. If it’s cold out and I need more light I can just double click and use my hand to monitor temperature.

As long as I can return to the defaults I can play with it and figure out where I’m screwing up. Thanks again xCentrino!

Factory reset is nearly the same if you are in ramping mode.

From OFF or ON : 3x click > double click > double click > Press and hold for 2-3 seconds It will flash 4 times to confirm reset.

You are in MODES. If you do quick presses, then you can cycle endlessly through modes. When you have a pause from 1.2sec or more, the next click switches the lamp off.
With a click&hold you can go backwards through modes.

Do what xCentrino wrote. A reset is easier.

What xCentrino wrote. Reset.

That is best done with a reset

For another temperature setting:
You are in RAMPING: keep holding the button for 3 to 4sec to go to the config menue (Better you ramp a bit up, than ramp down and keep holding, so it runs in MOON instead of FULL)
The lamp does two short blinks and one long. Now the lamp expects your input for setting #1.
After this the lamps does two short blinks and two long. Now the expects your input for setting #2.
And so on. The two blinks are a hint for you to count to get the setting number.
Immediately after it blinks #3 you push the button twice (=for temp.) Now you have two options: You click once within 5sec, then you don’t change the temperature or you wait longer, then the lamp starts to heat up. Let it heat up till it is unpleasant, then click = Temp. is saved.
Now you can wait till the lamp is thru all settings. 4 blinks as indication.

Have you an idea where you get stuck?

I don’t know where the problem is. The arrows indicate how subtables are connected. What it is stands above a table. Somewhere in the grey fields stands how to reach it, blink signal and how to exit. If you have a lamp it should be understandable.
Some things must be done in 1.2sec. .

Thank you for your help xCentrino

Need help with factory reset please.

Here ya’ go… :+1: . Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I think I’m in Muggle mode, and it’s not getting out of it with 6 clicks. Brightness is reduced. My light blinks 3 times, pauses…then repeats. What mode am I in, and how do I reset it?


I have the same problem. When i turn it on it goes to about 100 lumens and then it blinks 4x 3times. Cannot get it anywhere, tried factory reset and it’s not helping.

Sounds like weak cells. Have you check the batts? What brand/model cells? How old?

The Q8 does not have a muggle mode - it's Narsil.