Bought my first flashlight, a trustfire 9XT6

its really huge. powering it with 3 18650’s atm will get some 26650’s for it for longer run time. and a opus c3100 charger…

Are those batteries possibly Ultrafire blue?
Welcome to the club! :stuck_out_tongue:

they are ultrafire, but are black white and red.

really… must you swear, you could have just said they are junk ya know…

If you ever want to soup it up, here’s the recipe.

anyone know what the oring sizes are for it. it comes with really crummy thin ones… would like to put proper orings in it…

Wow, your first light is such a beast already!

Forget the O-rings.... get some real batteries . you might as well be running pen light batteries in it can't be bright until you give it the juice it wants . Like having an indy car and putting last year old lawn mower gas in it ..then wondering why it doesn't run worth a damn .

well just had it apart… from what I could tell, the leds are xm-l2’s and are on cree bases and are wired all in series… prolly cemented on with fugic. the driver is funky… did take some photos of the driver, I’ll upload em later