Brightest 14500 ramping light?

Hi! I can’t keep up with the proliferation of lights any more. :slight_smile:

I want the brightest ramping 14500 light. Prefer hot spot, corona, wide spill but am open to hotspot with spill or other non pencil beams for this light.


Please see this thread!

But note that the options are not as much (or actually…none that is really interesting) as on the 18650s and other batteries!

There is also a plan to make a AA light with Anduril firmware, that would be the Sofirn SP10S BLF Edition but is still a plan!

Thanks for the reply. If I’m understanding that thread correctly I think they’re focusing on NiMH but I want LiIon flashlights.

Hum, then maybe the Lumintop GT Micro?

Ramping and 14500 does not make much sense i think, since max output is rather limited. A three well spaced mode light is good enough IMO. High power 14500 cells are somewhat rare and as expensive as good 18650s.

That said, i’ve been EDCing a Jetbeam Jet I MK for years and still do. Can’t complain expect for the rather cold tint. The Lumintop Tool AA is quite good too. Before that i used a Solarstorm SC01 which had some sort of ramping i never used. That was back then though…

Seconded. 14500-only with ramping, nifty throw for an AA-sized light.

Kinda useless close-in, though, precisely because of that. Teenytiny but bright hotspot that’s just annoying up close. And flood’s all but useless as the hella-bright hotspot washes out everything else.

Not even. :innocent:

When I don’t need my MH20, I got my (Xeno) E03 in WW with diffusion-film for close-in work. It’s m/l/h with no memory so always comes on in medium, which when spread out with the film is perfect for close-quarters snooping. Being that high is barely brighter’n medium with a 14500, and I rarely “need” lower, I pretty much treat it as a 1-mode light.

I’ve lost my second to last E03, which is why I’m looking in to what’s available. :slight_smile: I hate that it comes on in med and I need lower lows and sometimes a higher high. I love that our most popular ramping firmware starts low and you can stop when it’s just right. The GT micro is OK but I agree with the comments above plus the heads a bit big for pants pocket (related, obviously). It is something I’ve looked at and might find useful with a light diffusion film.

As far as ramping goes, it must be a temperament issue. I’d love an E03 with ramping and 1200 Lm. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions.

If you want a replacement E03, czech out EDCPlus’s thread. He should have some left over.

I’m not a fan of m/l/h nomem, but the light’s nifty enough that I don’t care, and got a few.

He had quite a few left at 8-13bux a pop (no box, through full package), a steal as they’re, what?, discontinued?

Amazing, I actually found it. Huge 60-80%+ off closeout sale! Niwalker, Xeno, Crelant

Go crazy…

The nice Lumintop gt micro vn, the white 2 for 1000 lumens and 120 thousand candela, or the Oslon white 1.1, for 150+ thousand candela (800 meters throw) but 700 lumens, are respectively the brightest ramping u.i. 14500 lights available from aftermarket; skylumen. It is notable that the intense hotspot is distracting, however I just use a simple piece of plastic for diffuser for up close.

The throw of the 50,000 candela Lumintop gt micro is great, with indeed a little under 1000 lumens, but if you have twice the money you get over twice the brightness with the upgrades from skylumen. Or three times the brightest with a touch less lumens.

Effectively no 14500 light with any U.I is brighter in both lumens and candela than the white 2 Oslon mod from skylumen.