brightest AA/14500

Like my Klarus Mi7. Great mode spacing. Very bright on a 14500 and AA eneloop.

Wuben E05 is very bright on Turbo (4 brightness levels when used with 14500). But when using AA, it has only 3 brightness levels, and its brightest level on AA is not so bright.

Lumintop Tool AA v2.0 lists 650 lumens on Turbo mode, but would seems to be a bit brighter than 650 lumens. The brightness spacing is more logically spaced than the Wuben E05 (on 14500, big gap from “High” mode to “Turbo” mode).

Lumintop EDC05 is another candidate, 800 lumens on Turbo (must program it first, since it’s set to 75% level from the factory).


comparing Klarus Mi7 vs Lumintop Tool AA v2.0

Mi7 is the left beam while Tool AA v2.0 is the right beam

Nitecore had a 900-1000 lumen single 14500 - the EA11, but it’s discontinued. They also had another very similar one with slightly different UI - MT10A, also discontinued.

To me, there’s a distinct difference between the 500-700 lumen lights, and the 900+ lumen ones. Below 700 lumens the lights are using conventional ICR 14500, so most cells, including protected ones, work. The 900 lumen ones need high discharge IMR chemistry.

Generally the 1xAA can use 14500, but 2xAA only take Ni-MH. So they end up very similar in output. See Olight S1A and S2A.

This means 2*AA can not use 14500? Could you tell me the reason plz?

I think not many drivers can handle up to 9 V. Fenix has one but lumens isn’t impressive. Another problem is safely discharging 14500 in series.

Another vote for the Wuben E05… I am really liking mine. :+1:

Impressive output ,BUT who is willing to pay $219 for a AA light whose battery can NOT maintain that output for long! Not me!! I would take the Wuben E05 and then buy another modded EDC and still have enough money to buy a $65 bag of Merrick Buffalo and sweet Potato for CAPO!!! :+1:

Sure, I’m with you too :wink: Still, in what concerns being “the brightest”, this surely reaches a place into the top ranking!! (I wish I could have it, though :smiley: :money_mouth_face: )

The more I know this flashlight world, the more I’m inclined to choose better runtime over more output! The Wuben E05 seems to be a very good one or the best in the budget range to be bright and have decent runtime on a 14500 cell!

I subscribe that one as well as a good choice!!! :wink:

You are right,it qualifies for the brightest! :+1: I was just looking at it from a practical point of view.

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You want a bright 14500, get you one of these bad boys!!

They have practical use at lower power & a SUPER DUPER ‘W.O.W Factor’ when you open it up!!! :wink:

Kyfishguy Micro Mags

…“around 2800 lumens at start up and 2400 lumens at 30 seconds based on emitter testing by Texas Ace”……

Okay, I thought we were comparing apples to apples, not oranges.

AKAIK, the Zebralight SC5 is the brightest single AA light on the market, that uses a NiMH cell. Yes, there are plenty of 14500 lights that are brighter, possibly including the Armytek on a 14500.

The Armyek Prime Pro 1AA is brighter then the Zebralight SC5.

Advertised, or independently tested? Issues with the Prime’s optics are well documented by now, and I do not believe the advertised OTF output for any model.

Read post 17. Armytek Prime Pro 1AA on a good IMR cell will do 800 lemons

Cool, how many oranges or apples will it do?? :wink:

Just kidding around, couldn’t resist. :smiley: …. :person_facepalming::wink:

LOL. Lemons is my un-official lumen guess :smiley:

/\:+1: …… :slight_smile:

I’m surprised nobody mentioned the Klarus XT1A. I’ve been using it for a few months and I’m very impressed.

Specs state 1000 lumen, I guess it’s a bit exaggerated but still pretty strong.

I saw the XT1A and kinda want to add it to the collection lol.