Brightest keychain light?

The Astrolux S41 is larger and heavier than the Emisar D4 though.

With 16340 lights you run into the problem of finding a battery that can happily provide 3 Amperes of current…

Heavy keychains wear out the contact barrel a lot faster than normal,unless you’ve got a Saab!I only have a small garage key and pocket clip on mine.ymmv.

I drive a Volvo and it’s got a big heavy plastic key so no worries about the barrel

Big lumens and small cells equals drained batteries fast.I’d look first at micro usb rechargable torches (removable battery preferably) first.Perfect in a car with lighter socket.

I carry AAA lights on my keyrings and if I wanted to go brighter my first choice would be the Nitecore TIP.

But FWIW I think the Olight S-mini is close to the Nitecore Sens CR in size (shorter but heavier) while offering outputs up to 550 lmn.

Sens CR
L - 64 mm
D - 19.8 mm
W - 23.8 g

54.5 mm
21 mm
31.5 g

You want Dale’s Texas Poker? I think it’s less than that now, but at one time, he had it running at close to 1000 lumens off the Efest IMR10440. It’s his neck light, and used to be featured in his avatar, but another light is there now.

The LED he had in it is old tech nowadays, so if you’re up to some modding, you could make yourself a tiny AAA-size light that gets well over 1000+ lumens from a 10440 cell!

S2+ with shorty tube and 18350?

How about an Ultratac K18 AAA/10440? One of the brightest AAA size light i believe. I’m not sure the side switch is a good idea on a keychain though.

The 2017 brass version is quite nice too.

Different definitions for different folks.
I wouldnt consider the Emisar a keychain light.
( maybe a burn-a-hole-in-your-leg light LOL)

For me- perfect combo of tiny light, with great size-to-output ratio
would be the Reylight AAA copper with 10440.
300+ lumens in a beautiful copper body

Hmmmmn I have a S2+ that I really don’t like. I suppose I can grab a shorty tube for it for a few dollars to see if it turns into something useful.

If not it’s only a few dollars wasted.

Astrolux M01 a TRUE keychain flashlight. It’s a stainless steel has a built in charging port, comes in two tints and puts out a little over 100 lumens, impresive for the really small size.

LOL. In every Saab 9-3 buying advice they warn for worn contact barrel :smiley: .

100 lumens really doesnt cut it for a keychain light for me.
If its too dim I might aswell just grab my phone out.

I think 500-1000 lumens is ideal.

I’ve just purchased a S2 shorty tube, a BLF A6 and shorty tube and a couple of other lights. I might find something that suits my needs. If not, I’ll keep buying toys :smiley:

i vote for s41, cant go wrong with that for the price? even with 18350 its bright as hell and not taking up much space, i mean how much lumens do u actually need? or buy a nitecore tini keychain, 380 lumens… also more then enough and very small… also u dont say what u gonna use for, if just for flood and throw alot of light then s41 will get the job done and in winter will serve as hand warmer also lol…

Utorch UT01 with 14500 Lithium cell?
or Klarus MI7

basically any light with 14500 cell and DD driver

I rebuild an old 14500 Zebralight with TA Narsil driver and XPL HD W2-2B 6000K LED

currently I got no unprotected high drain cells, but this should easily break 1200 Lumens, the host is worn but works great

this one should go for 45$ if I don’t keep it to replace my EDC modded Jetbeam Jet-1 MK

I’ve got both the UT01 (scrap that, I have the manker E11) and the MI7 and neither wow me. I suppose I should just carry one of those on my keychain for now as my Sens CR seems knackered. It doesnt ramp up or down in brightness anymore and it’s had a hard life on my keys.

Not sure what you don’t like about it. The crappy blink-on-low UI will still be there, whether powered by an 18650 or 18350.

Otherwise, whether 2.1A or 2.8A, you’ll have pretty much the same performance (except for runtime) but in about 2/3 the length. Lots more pockettable.

I just prefer all of my other 18650 lights to it. It just seems “meh”

The only lights smaller then 18650s and larger then the AA/14500s are the 18350s where we’ve had new 1100mAh cells lately.

A BLF A6 shorty should be right on the spot.
S41 is great but heavy.
D4 is on top IMO but with a side switch… which i actually like better. Not mentioning 3K+ lumen burst capability. Twice the A6 cost though.

FourSevens Mini MkII 1020 lumens on high drain cell. Currently 50% off for the going out of business/change in ownership sale.