Broken Fenix E05

Hello, this is my first post.
I found one of my Fenix E05 wasn’t working anymore, so I disassembled it (thanks to this post ). The led is working, so the fault must be in the driver circuit.

On the tiny pcb there is an IC marked CFC1H, I found on some Chinese forum that it could be a PAM2803 (Data sheet ).

Can someone confirm this? Is there someone who traced the circuit from the pcb?
Many thanks


Before you do all that, connect a cell to the head with a piece of wire to see if the LED lights up. Sometimes a leaky cell can cause corrosion between the spring and body.

Yes, it seems to be PAM2803.
Check this post for PAM280x markings.

Hi, thanks for your answers.

@eebowler, I hoped it was a bad contact issue, but the cell was not leaking, and just to be sure I swapped the battery housing with my other Fenix E05 that still works. I also measured the impedance between battery contacts on the faulty head and compared to the working one. On the working one I measured about 4 kΩ, on the faulty head it was infinite.

@ericandor, thank you for the link.

I also measured impedance between pins 1 and 6 of the IC, expecting a very low value because of the inductor, but I got infinite. I am not sure but it seems to me that one solder joint of the inductor is cracked. I’ll check when I can use a microscope and let you know.


Can you just hit the bad solder joint with a hot air reflow gun?

Let us know if it fixes your issue

Hello all.

My Fenix E05 is now fixed :slight_smile:
As you can see from the photos, the inductor core is damaged (in the first photo the broken piece is still attached to the red resin).
Maybe this caused the bad soldering joint, which after some time cracked.


Congrats on the fix. :beer:
And welcome to BLF. :bigsmile:

I have 2 E05's ...Love it when a light is SAVED!! Congrats


Thanks for that informative link!

I see the damaged inductor. What fixed the E05? Did you simply need to reflow the cracked solder joint?

Yes, I only resoldered it.



Nice fix. Nothing worse than a cold solder joint. I test my larger electronics by tapping them with a pencil. It helps me track down the area.

Can anyone confirm the diameter of the e@5 driver? I’m hoping to swap in a new driver. Thank you!