Budget HID lights?

What color temp are the lights?My two hosts are empty right now as one of my 75W ballasts died and other is for bike use, might have to order 100Ws for them next month.

The colour temp of that beam is 4300K. The cam WB is incandescent i believe. I have 3000/4300/5000/6000 beams, having 2 lights helps too as its a chore to always change bulbs (my Amondotech 3152 is H4 so its incompatible).

The Yao/Mule 35/80W host+reflector I mentioned above is actually purchasable at aliexpress as a SLA light. You can mod it to dual wattage with those HID kits supporting "dual colour temperature" on ebay/aliexpress. For me I just shoehorn the biggest wattage kit into it, if there are 150W auto ballasts/bulbs i'll just whack it in. But problem is the light is quite "small", it can only take the Ultra Slim ballast style.

Be sure to watch this youtube vid by CPF's stollman....it demonstrates the Yao vs some cool lights like Barn Burner, 192W BFL, and the Ebay style Oracle 28W (the 40/55/65W 3-mode version with SMO is now selling at $95 only) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIIFBbhCOWw

Cheapest 100W I found (free shipping via DHL to States). http://www.aliexpress.com/store/204264/210557757-439075432/12V-24V-100W-HID-XENON-KIT-H9-H11-single-or-lots-be-chosen-high-power-and.html Do a search on flashlight-forums or aliexpress or CPF, am sure there are dimensions around, I think BVH did measure them...seen them before. It may not fit your host unless its a Thor X Colossus.

Anyway, I presume that you know that such ballasts spec the wattage as input power and it usually is underspec by a bit, ie a 100W ballast may only draw 93W, which in turn at say 82% eff its 76W. So you usually can get away with using a 75W bulb. 75W ballasts can match with 55W bulbs even if the ballast is an upper spec unit, unless you are the type who runs the HID for > 20 mins at a time.

Seriously, LEDs also has similar "issues", just factor them "losses" in. Laughing

I have the mozo 35w. I think it has 6 18650's inside though I'm too lazy to take apart the battery. The only thing I don't like about it is that the colors of the beam is kinda odd, with slight greenish or other color tint that's not even across the beam, and I'm not sure if focus is quite right because it's not an even hotspot like LED, but gets brighter at the very center and not perfectly symetrical (ie. it's not "round" but slightly star-ish shape)? Quite workable in actual use, but frankly I don't get a chance to use it much as showing off. It's a 6K bulb, kinda white but I can live with it, 4.3k would be better though but I'm not sure about buying bulb off ebay.

Is there something I can do to tweak/improve it?

Buy a 4300K bulb, and then a 20000K-30000K for fun. You need to buy a pair. 11.30 bucks shipped, can't go wrong with that. Contact the aliexpress seller, he's a nice guy, he can sell to you each bulb at a different K.



Yeah with HIDs, usually the big reflectors are more difficult + expensive to manufacture. Smaller reflectors like those in LEDs (26.5-55mm) are cheaper to make.

As you can see in the youtube vid, there are quite a lot of artifacts.

lol I've always wanted to try those pink and green ones. Hate seeing people illegally using hid pnp kits with 30,000K and purple headlights

good deal for a 4300k 85w ebay HID


bought my 6000k 85w from leo, but yesterday i ordered a 4300k 85w bulb/ballast from the same seller as the link above


my 85w ebay HID 6000k

Tree at 220m

Tower at 500m

New to HID. Picked up a Titanium Innovations Mega Illuminator off Ebay for $39.95. Put in a new SLA battery and it was good to go. Asked MR 2100 about the most improvement for the least cash, he answered and installed a 55w ballast. Am pleased with this monster. A couple of weeks ago picked up a 5.5or6” reflector 15MCP dead halogen for $12.50 @ Tractor Supply. Used my left over 35W ballast, made a Li-ion 4s3p balanced pack from scrounged matched laptop pack cells. and used a 9006 HID 8000K? bulb from a free auto set given to me. Had to make an adapter/spacer to focus. Hated the color and bought a 5000K H3 and removed the spacer. Found a Spectrum Lipo Battery Monitor on Ebay for less than $10 that will be installed to monitor the li-ion pack. All total have about $125 invested in two budget HIDs. Another bonus, was able to salvage one of the TS spotlight 6v4a SLA batteries for one of my feeders.

Did you already buy something troop? Fall and darkness is coming soon enough and I too need a new toy :bigsmile: Manafont has the Palight BG-002 for 129,99$. Looks pretty decent to me. But how about these aliexpress random 1000000w hid lights? Cheaper and/or more watts but wondering about the quality. Not looking to spend over 130$ and even that is really stretching the budget, 100$ would be nice…

There is a 700k cd one 55W one that i just posted, usd 77 shipped to Asian countries via DHL. 87 to the USA also via DHL.

That certainly is a good price (for the light, 50$ for the shipping not so great). I was looking for something much smaller though.

If you’re looking for long throw an eBay HID won’t get you very far. It throws far compared to current LED lights, but it’s the worst of all the HIDs, since the head is so small.

Here’s a link to my comparison of an ebay HID vs SK king.

StanleyHID sold in the Walmart in the states. $70 and 35watts is a good deal.
The Motomaster Illuminator hid at Canadian Tire is usually $100 but goes on sale three times a year at $50 and it’s 40watt
Fun lights, though don’t leave them in your car if you have a cold winter. Killed my Motomaster because the battery froze and maybe burst or leaked. (thank god for warranty)

I was lucky enough to grab one of these onsale for that $50 and picked up a second at $40 when I saw them go on clearance. I have let to really start pulling one of them apart to see what can be upgraded, any thoughts?

it was discontinued :frowning:

40w ballast upgrade it to 55w. If you have a heavy lead amp meter check input amps. My TI Mega was 3.2A. Switched it to a 55w and was 5.2A . Very noticeable improvement via MR 2100 suggestion.

I’m not very familiar with HID’s in general, would I need to upgrade the bulb if I upped the ballast? Thanks for the help! And sorry for posting in someone else’s topic…

No. This mod will increase throw by making the arc brighter. If you put in a 55w bulb the arc will be longer, throw will be about the same but more spill. The down side is it will reduce your bulb life from 3000hrs to 1000hrs(?) so I have been told and reduced run time.

Thanks willie for the information. 1000hours is still plenty for me. I have had both lights for over a year, 1 has about 2 hours on it and the other is still boxed up in my storage room. The plan for one of them was to modify it all up but I just haven’t gotten around to it.

Modded using this and it pulled 5.2a on input

Waiting on this for another project. If you want will post ampere input?