BudgetlightForum 348 Available?

I wanted to buy a BLF 348 but Gearbest shows them “Discontinue”.
I gave away my last one!
Does anyone know if more will be made?


You can still get one, if you pay more for the gift box version - https://www.gearbest.com/led-flashlights/pp_554388.html?wid=1433363#goodsDetail

It now comes with a 219C rather than a 219B.

The Nichia all show discontinued for me, could only find the Cree SF-348 in stock.

No idea if they’ll ever produce more.

The Gearbest giftbox version shows “Discontinue” for me when I look?

You’re quite right; I didn’t notice.

Anyone got any bright ideas for an alternative?
I’m in the same boat, gave some away and am being asked for more.

You can buy a SingFire 348 and do an emitter swap.
Otherwise, try a WTB topic.

Buy Cree SF-348 from fasttech.
Buy Nichia 219b from BLF:Shipped from US or Shipped from Canada
Swap the emitter.

What criteria are most important? Single mode, high cri, price?

Maybe look at the Astrolux A01:


Not single mode, but cheap and uses a 219c.

Sofirn C01S

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^Was just coming back to add that. :slight_smile:

Fasttech has new year holiday at the moment.
This is currently the best deal on ALiExpress:
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000406799709.html (shipped from China)

Yes, but the SingFire 348 is Stainless Steel and only 12mm in diameter.
It also looks very good and it’s very elegant without being ‘girly’.
…but stock with fake XP-E…

I believe that this is not the first time that BLF 348 has shown as discontinued at GearBest - but it came back. The SF348 appears to be externally identical to the BLF 348 but the LED emits @ a 6500 K low-CRI beam. But it is a pleasant white with no nasty blue highlights. The Astrolux is a twisty, doesn't have a clip, and has an annoying strobe mode. The Sofirn C01S is also twisty (hard for me to turn on with one hand) but it has a clip and the beam is so pleasant that it would be my second choice after a BLF 348.

If they do another batch I hope they use a better switch. The three I have all suffer from switches that stopped working. They won’t turn on using the switch but light with a screwdriver - to tube

All three?
Were these from the last batch?
(Quality fade is real)

This thread made me remember that I still have two of them laying around! I am willing to sell those, they have the BLF logo and come with the nicer gift box. I tested them and they’re working. Threads are a bit fiddly, not sure if this was the case with all BLF-348.

Since MikeinWyoming started the thread I’ll first wait if he wants one or both. Just PM me.