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Hello All, New here but not the love of flash lights. I have spent a lot of money on custom lights and I think it’s time I try to build one myself. My post is here. Is there a build list section of this forum that you may link. I have watched many many videos but still feel very confused about which driver to get, which board etc. I know about host. I am wanting to learn how to build these for my own good and I have a family of outdoorsman that would love a nice flashlight for Christmas. If you have a build list that you could share for something bright 3-5K lumens that runs on a 18650 battery, please share…or…something really bright that runs on that battery lol. Thanks, glad to be here.

For instance, does this mean the light is green? Is this a good choice?


Is this mean the light is Red? If so, can someone show me something like this that is not colored?

Do you want it to sustain 3-5k lumens or have that as turbo?

By turbo do you mean just for a few seconds? If so, yes, that’s what I mean! Thanks for replying to my post.

Well if you’re in a family of outdoors type, I’m guessing camping / hunting or basically something where you will have a ‘purpose’ for a flashlight.

With that in mind a single 18650 light might not perform to satisfaction. Have a look at a convoy L6 (26650 cells) or sofirn / BLF Q8 (18650 cells).

Could you give me some good choices for components for that host? I will definately look into that!

I don’t know how much either of these lights can be ‘improved’ by modding ?? Except for personal preference stuff like different leds for different tint or different driver for different UI.

Lexel could probably help out with a driver. As far as leds - are you willing to reflow? I don’t know if you can get pcb’s to suit the Q8?? A premounted led for the L6 should be easy enough to find.

Thank you!


They’re many different routes you can go but since you’re familiar with MTN maybe you’d like something like this:


LED (Get the 6V 20mm one. 50.2 has several different tints choose another tint if you want):

Driver(Currently out of stock :frowning: note the 50.2 is a 6V LED so you need a 17mm boost driver like this one.):

Don’t forget to bypass the tailcap and use a mid/high drain battery like a Samsung 30Q or 25R.
A run of the mill 18650 may vent on you!

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert, just trying to help…