[bunch of knives for sale=USA only] Minimum order size slashed!

Today (8-21-2017) is the last day to answer Question 1.

I changed the title a little to make it easier to understand.

I got rid of the hazardous emoji, but kept the happy emoji.

Question 2 of 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

I seek to understand why this thread has so little interest.

I believe I am failing my quest, I thought a title modification might help, but nothing. Watching a 4 minute video must be too much effort, but it’s not like one has to watch the whole clip to get gist. Haha, maybe cast the giveaway portion of this tread into the Gorge of Peril since there is so little interest in buying or entering!

Perhaps post the items for sale on EDCforums?

I just signed up for EDCforums.

Looks like it costs money to sell there, and there are many more rules there than here for selling.

But I will look into it.

Well thanks for the promotional GAW :wink:
I do like Monty Python but have not memorized any of it except that “where is the fish” for it is great fun to tease our son when he is looking for something :smiley:

I think it is the combination of sale and GAW that makes it a bit tricky on this nice and friendly place. Who would want to enter without buying a knife?
And well for me, I use knifes so am happy with Ganzo/Enlan/etc knifes I get for max $14. Buying a special rare one for more is not for me, I don’t have a shelf to display them :wink:

I just had a look and it seems a lot has changed, I was last there as a regular lurker back in 2009!

2. To answer 3 tricky questions while having some fun and promoting a knife sale :slight_smile:


My quest is to take a horse to the water and make him drink it.

I always quest for tastier lumens.

I quest to have seven dollars more than the day before yore

I quest for the sake of questing.

I cannot enter because while i have a paypal account, i come from an alternate dimension which is technically a different universe :cry:
My quest is to meet the flying spaghetti monster (or get my birth certificate changed to say born on earth :innocent: )


Technically a different universe

7 cash dollars!

ok i am not following the rules
see if i win anyway :slight_smile:


We could make that our new motto :smiley:

Today (8-26-2017) is the last day to answer Question 2.



My favourite colour is the colour of my opponent’s face after I annihilate them.