C8 Switch Replacement

this was my first order of forward clickies, haven’t used them yet. mounting shouldn’t be a problem, you pretin pads on the board, pretin the contacts on the switch and the just quick touch with soldering iron will do the trick. Once/if I get them i’ll comment on qulaity :slight_smile:

I have a plenty single and double sided PCB-s so, my idea was to use them and make my own boards :slight_smile:

Hey Tivo, those are the ones. I have a couple here somewhere, one may be in a C8 already. Looks like most of the questions got answered while I was away.

As for the bare PCBs, I recall someone somewhere linking to a ‘17mm contact board’ that looks a lot like a switch PCB. The center contact area had a large trace leading toward the edge. I just cannot remember where I seen that. I keep thinking it was I-O…
Edit: found it - http://intl-outdoor.com/5-pcs-contact-pcb-167mm-p-415.html
Switch goes on here:

Spring goes on here:

17mm is too small for both the Omten reverse clickies and a standard 18650 tube, 20mm fits best on most lights. It's even a tight squeeze to get the smaller forward clickies onto a 17mm board.

Yeah, I was thinking it was a 20mm board,a dn before I found it again I had the post written that way… bummer because a 20mm version of that board would work quite well.
I wonder if there is a way to kludge the switch onto one of the other contact boards they offer?
The biggest problem would be getting to the central pad. Would have to fold the switch tab under after soldering on.

Thanks for all the inputs!
Best option as stated earlier is from Fasttech.

But no stock. Maybe somebody like PPrk can design the PCB and we can order from OSHPark.

The out of stock ones at FT are the exact same boards as the ones used in the assembled forward clickies from IOS.

Somebody's going to have to ask Ric/CNQG or Hank/IOS to get these for us. Or, if IOS would stock the reverse clickies in switch+PCB+spring form that would solve most of the problem. The bare switches are still useful for non-standard lights or other projects.

Or maybe a better option, ask Calvin at IS. I'd like to be able to order from them more often.

Found this... http://www.cnqualitygoods.com/goods.php?id=1428 but who knows what kind of switch is hiding in there.

Maybe just re-use the PCB and spring? I’ve ordered a few to check it out.

I've found a similar style in cheaper lights and the black spacer is bonded to the switch, and very hard to take apart. It's not the normal kind with the rectangular Omten(-style) switch with a plastic spacer dropped on top. The one-piece design hides the solder points and the only way I found to get them apart is either brute force which pulls off the PCB traces or heating the entire board reflow style with hot air.

I really need to find out where I got a couple of 20mm switch pcbs……

I have a feeling they came with hosts tbh because I had a hell of a job not having them short out using them as contact boards.

relic, you can take your forward clicky and……… :bigsmile: :wink:

Any update on how they are?


Received and tested OK! Good fit. No need to use the included base.
I’ll post some pics tomorrow.

Resistance between pcb traces/connectors is only 0.01 Ohms.
However you still need the spring stranded or braided wire mod.

Buy it! :beer:

This is what you get:

You really do not need the base for C8.

Thanks Comfy! :beer:

Wait, for $0.90 you get five Omten switches mounted on 20mm PCBs with springs plus the plastic cover/holder? Where's the catch?

Oops! Sorry. Actually it’s $0.90/pc. Will correct it.

Thanks! :beer:

I've seen that PCB before and it's a good design. Two very large symmetrical solder pads, unlike those multi-contact boards with traces all over, like FT used to stock and what comes with the IOS forward clickies.

That's still a pretty good deal. Ordered a couple.

BTW, if anyone needs more of these Manafont sells 10 for $5.29 sans the plastic cover/holder. (That's $0.53/pc!)

Wow! Thanks Neckbear. Thanks for sharing. Will try it on my next order. :beer: