Can A Convoy L2 XHP50.2 Operate With 3 Or 4 26650 Batts Via Extension Tubes?

Hi, sorry if this is a noob/silly question but I was looking to a get a Convoy L2 XHP50.2 flashlight.
It runs 2 18650 or 26650 batteries stock.

I was wondering if I could add more batteries via these single or double extension tubes without any modifications to extend runtime out in the wild.

It’d be nice not having to stop and swap batteries in damp darkness.

Thanks for replies.

No. By adding more batteries in series, the voltage increases. The driver in this flashlight is designed only for 2S (2 * 26650/18650).

Got it. Thanks…

infinity, if willing to swap the L2 stock driver you have other options. User ecotack reported here the L2 driver bay to measure ∅21.4 mm, this means you could stick one of these affordable drivers:

They're designed to run with up to 3S cells. The Manta Ray driver has a better mode range, and definitively looks to be a pretty easy filing job for it to fit in ∅21.4 mm.

You'll also get some extra lumens over the stock driver with them.

Thank you @Barkuti. I’ll have to read up and figure out if the mods are within my capabilities… :smiley: