Can Some one explain this GearBest answer?

I was looking at a Trustfire TR-J18 flashlight on the Gearbest site and saw they have two identicial TR-J18’s listed. One for $52.xx and one for $41.xx. So I wrote and asked them what was the difference? Why are there two TR-J18’s and here is what they answered.

“They are the same products but from different vendors. The prices of these products are unified by vendors so that they are in different price. Thank your for your inquiry. Please feel free to ask if you have further questions. ”

So can someone who does business with Gearbest please explain to me what they mean? I assume there is only one Trustfire company so why are there two different prices? Are they both the same quality? So why would anyone buy the more expensive one? Why would Gearbest list two if people could buy one cheaper?

I’ve never done business with Gearbest so this just confuses me. Thanks for the help.

I don’t fully understand it, but I read it as, they have 2 different vendors (suppliers) for that particular light.

Wow, the cheaper one comes with 500 extra lumens, as proven by the etching on the head. :wink:

Well, for very flexible values of the word “same” of course.

Often it’s “drop shipping” — GearBest does the advertising, take the money, and send the order and part of the money out to whoever can make, or just box and mail, the item.

That’s why they never really seem to know what they’re selling, and why you can’t count on getting the “same thing” twice, if you buy more than one.

Genuine Trustfire products are actually of surprisingly good quality. As with everything good from China, other companies clone them (even clones of clones). Given gearbest's track record of selling counterfeit products, intentionally or not, it is possible the more expensive is original and the lesser a counterfeit. It is also possible both are fake Trustfire lights but unlikely they are both genuine. The unlikeliness of them both being genuine is merely my conjecture and I'd love to be wrong but given Gearbests's track record one or both are fake.

I am not sure why it is hard to understand, explanation is pretty clear to me. However, do not assume that they are identical in every ways because the could have came out from different factory.

You probably have not seen this old clip>>

A TrustFire distributor that claims to sell only genuine Trustfire lights shows 8000 lumens on the head. Their price is also in line with the more expensive light.

I also noted that the less expensive light is careful to not show the name “TrustFire” on the pictures of the light. The name appears on the holster.

While on the subject of “fire”

To be or not to be… Cree or LatticeBright…

Don’t spam the whole forum with this. :expressionless:

GB’s response is just a classic attempt to convince you that they aren’t responsible. Just open a paypal dispute.