[Canceled] Sofirn SP70 BLF Edition

Great news! They took their time, so it must be good :smiley:

I don’t know if SBT90.2 emitter will be good for SP70 BLF

Think of all the options! That needs a complete redesign (which is good since the SP70 is not the best looking light) and needs a new name

Lets say SP90BLF ?

That would be quite a stout buck driver to handle 20+ amps. Lets see who’s up to the challenge to be the first to deliver.

Then Id need one of each!

SP70 form factor light with SBT90.2 and Anduril? I’d love to get my hands on that.

I agree though, I do not like the look of the SP70. It may be functional, but it isn’t pretty.

Acebeam K30-GT uses the SBT90.2 with a buck driver and three 18650 cells in series. It’s a very efficient setup! It is in a different league price-wise than the SP70 though.

Barry, this question was started to be discussed on my SBT90.2 concept thread already, see here:


The SP70 host design might be okay but it would require changes in the reflector design (SMO instead of OP), its aperture incl. new centering gaskets and it takes a completely different driver as SP70 uses a 2S (2x 26650 in series) design to drive the 6V XHP70.2 LED. Personally, I recommed to follow up on contactcr's suggestion to develop an extensible host design with a sophisticated buck-boost driver, capable to handle 3p and/or 3s2p or 3s3p (via extension tubes). Thinkin' about extension tubes Sofirn has sucessfully manufactured some prototype extension tubes for Sofirn Q8 (and LT1). The final SBT90.2 light could use following specs:

Type A

Redesigned Sofirn SP36 with single SMO reflector and 3p 3V FET driver (with 3x 18650 battery design + n extension tubes to prolong runtime)

Pro: Cost-wise easy to handle, development work would be small, sales prices can be kept as low as possible

Con: Battery format will not make use of the best high drain cells (21700 size), driver efficiency could be better with buck/boost driver

Type B

Redesigned Sofirn Q8 with single SMO reflector and efficient buck-boost driver, capable to handle both 3p configuration as well as 3s1p, 3s2p, 3s3p ... by extension tubes)

The Q8 tube needs to be redesigned to use 3x 21700 instead of 4x 18650 to use the benefit of the best 20A+ high drain 21700 batteries (Samsung 30T/40T, Molicel P42A).

Most costs and efforts will be addressed to the driver development but this could pay off in the end with the launch of more high performance premium lights.

Pro: Best USP (unique selling proposition) in competition to Acebeam K30GT and a good way to start a premium line of Sofirn flashlights.

Con: Costs and development efforts would be considerable as well as the increase in its sales price.

Are there any news on the development?

I saw a BLF-Sofirn Sp70 Flashlight posted in Aliexpress store. it is already released?

All well and good but it better become available in the Amazon store. If I have to wait months for shipping I'll pass.

@Chinaheart Can you provide a link please? I did not find anything on Aliexpress…

Can you please provide a link? I cant find a BLF version of the SP70 anywhere on Aliexpress.

A while back I remember seeing an SP70 on their Aliexpress store that was labeled as “BLF” but it was just the standard SP70 with the Sofirn 6 mode/ramping UI. I don’t see it on there anymore though.

It’s the same light they have always had, they just ditched the BLF

so they wont do a blf version then?


Hi FlashPilot... here it is


That’s just the store link

It still shows the OPR.

Had posted about that and deleted my post cause mixed up reflector types. Just in case anyone wonders what that was about.

OK, the home page shows a banner, out dated banner, but still a banner saying BLF-Sofirn SP70 which we know doesn't exist.

Really looking forward to this release