[Canceled] Sofirn SP70 BLF Edition

I did a test on that led in sep 2019

In short: it is 12V (no 6V version), very high CRI with good tint, and it can match the output of a XHP70.2, but at the cost of twice the power.

GT FC40 emitter would be amazing. I am happy to trade lumens for 90CRI.

This is already NOT a small light, so what about

3S or 4S cells (longer tube)
Boost or Buck driver

Am I the only one who would prefer a sustainable 1500 real world lumens, than a flamethrower for a few seconds?

To stay with 2 cells, then a boost would be needed. Who will design and build the driver? It sure complicates the project maybe, it all depends on the driver, if going with this LED.

I’m not sure if anyone else here has the Wurkkos TS70, but that light is pretty fantastic. Exact same dimensions as the SP70 except for the head diameter being slightly smaller. OP reflector as well. Same lumens, lower candela since the light has a much larger hotspot. Both lights are advertised as 5500 lumens on turbo and 2 lumens on “moonlight,” but have different brightness levels for low, medium, and high. I personally like the the UI on the TS70 more than the SP70, although it lacks the ramping effect in group 2 of the UI.

The advertised effective range of both lights is in the same ballpark, but if you ask me, even though more floody, the TS70 seems slightly brighter. It even seems to have better range… But that’s just me. I might have a defective SP70 since my side switch indicator goes “orange” very shortly after putting in freshly charged cells.

Anyway, just thought I’d bring it to everyone’s attention if nobody else had experienced the Wurkkos TS70. It’s also cheaper than the Sofirn on Amazon. All that being said, I am still VERY interested in a BLF edition SP70. And honestly would love to see a Wurkkos TS70 BLF Edition as well. Just a thought. I am FAR less knowledgeable than the average seasoned user here on BLF, so I’m learning a lot of new details and ways to improve our lights and distinguish the great from the good and the good from the garbage. Be kind please haha, I’m just a simpleton.

The Wurkkos TS70 looks like a rebranded Sofirn TK70 which is an updated Thorfire S70.

This is part of the Sofirn/Wurkkos overlap - same company, or same manufacturer. It's a different light with a much smaller reflector.

gchart did the TS70 review here: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/62175

and gchart maybe could be one to design a driver for this SP70.

Sofirn has already used XHP35 HI (12V) in the first generation of C8G. Their 1S 12V boost driver works quite well apart from minor things that could be easily improved (LED current was only 1.7A while 2.2A would be better, ATR was too aggressive).

I am not sure if they can easily adopt this driver design to a 2S boostdriver to run both GT FC40 and XHP70.2 at 12V. This kind of effort would only pay if enough customers were interested into buying these lights.

Does this mean heat dissipation could be a problem in this light?

No, because heat dissipation of a 70.2 is not an issue in the SP70, so it won’t be with this GT FC40 either. In fact, you probably won’t be able to push this led very hard at all if you’re going to use a boost driver, so it’s not an issue.

Ok, so lower output.

If you look at Djozzs chart

It seems to max out at about 7A@12v.

This would be similar to 14A@6v.

The SP70 does those numbers stock and can handle it. A 30mm Buck or Boost driver is not going to get you that much output (7A@12v). It might get you half that, so maybe 3A@12v. That’s a lot less heat. You might be able to use a FET driver with 4 cells to push it to 7A (need a tube extension). The SP70 will still handle that much power.

Exactly the same light. Wurrkos took over a few Sofirn models that didn’t sell very well.

Installed Blue’s springs and it reached over 8000 lumens with the PLB 5000mAh cells

About what kind of duration did you see? Or did you just do momentary lighting via tail switch? Also, where might these “Blue’s springs” be procured?

BlueSwordM has made batches of low resistance springs in the past, but I doubt you can still get them. You can also just do bypass wires. Similar results, but springs are more reliable than wires.

With what led? I don’t believe the 70.2 can reach that high.

I’m curious, are there any lights that are powered with li-po batteries? Probably a stupid question, but I’m still very curious. Get much better run times and consistency out of a li-po, I would imagine.

I have not seen any.

Flashlights tend to work best with cylindrical cells. Most of the LiPO batteries I’ve seen are not cylindrical. If they do make them, there must not be many to choose from. With lithium ion you have a ton of choices.

Maybe a light could have a built in liPO cell with a built in charger to match? Seems possible.

My first-run SP70 is fine under the MCPCB, but I think I got lucky.

As for the driver, 7135s should be avoided with any battery voltage exceeding 6V. Just because the one in my L6 still works, doesn’t mean others will - in fact, I tried it in my SP70 and it failed permanently-on.

The reflector is fine. I think the biggest problem we were having is that it’s much shallower than we’re used to for reflectors this diameter.

A 70.2 can reach that high. The only question is getting the power there. As I recall, DB Custom got some great numbers out of the SP70 with bypassed springs, 21700s (maybe 40Ts?), and I think a swapped FET.

I tend to take Dale’s lumen measurements with a grain of salt. He also tends to use “turn on” numbers with a cold led. So, hmmm.

From what I recall, a raw 70.2 on a bench power supply can’t even do 8,000 lumen. Maybe it can, but just barely. Put it in a flashlight and obviously the lumen output will go down.

I’m just saying.

Sorry to get off topic.

I talked to Barry about the Getian GT FC40 HighCRI LED. It seems Sofirn is quite interested in testing this LED but so far there’s only an 8.500K standard CRI version listed on Getian‘s website.

Has anyone got some information where to get the 4000-5000K 95CRI version and if there’s some datasheet available? I don’t know if this LED would come into consideration for SP70. If Sofirn were to develop a 12V boostdriver for XHP70.2 and GT FC40, the SP70 might be a nice host for it. Just thinking...