Cell Phone Jammer

Here it is.


$7k. Whoa. Time to start a Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

What use would antenna analyzer be for cell frequencies, unless your going to build and test antennas?

Jammers are adjustable. At least mine it. The analyzer would make sure it's jamming the correct frequencies.

Kinda gets you thinking about EMP. Then made me think, are our lights ok from a EMP? I am guessing some of the metals would act as a faraday cage? When I say EMP, I don’t mean some wacky Govt conspiracy. I mean one from the Sun.

Back on topic.
2 Companies near where I live got nailed using those jammers. I think they claimed ignorance, and that it was for safety to keep workers off the phone when using heaving equiptment??


You need a frequency counter not an analyzer, far less money too.

I have often thought about having one of those jammers with a momentary switch to jam people texting or chatting on the road next to me. I’ll never do it but I dream about it. Spark fun sells a nice spark gap igniter, I think it does a half an inch gap…

Thanks. The prices are much more attainable. The main reason I never got one was because I didn't know what it was called, so I couldn't even look for it.


There's probably newer and less expensive versions of the above, but at least it's along the right track.

Have a look at DX “Professional 1.4” LCD 50MHz~2.6GHz Handheld Radio Frequency Counter (3*AAA)


You can get spectrum analyzers for a lot less… start by looking at the Signalhound. Or a surplus HP spectrum analyzer.

I wish I knew you guys back in 2007. That's when I placed my first order with Dealextreme for a cell phone jammer.

How about this?


RF Viewer is a PC-based, RF spectrum analyzer that includes both hardware and software. It uses a wireless, USB dongle that interfaces with your Windows PC running Touchstone-Pro data analysis software. The wideband, RF spectrum analyzer spans a frequency range of 24 MHz up to 1766 MHz, which makes it ideal for use in a broad array of RF-related applications.

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I just try to pay attention to my own driving and respect others in public spaces, rather than trying to impose my will and self rightiousness over others. I also wouldn’t want to create a situation where others could not reach emergency services. Imagine you’re sitting in a theater or restaurant and actually have a working jammer with 15m effective range, and a person in an adjacent theater or business is experiencing a medical emergency and can’t reach 911. I don’t see any good reason to sell these to the general public.


It’s a total rip-off. I bought one specifically because they said it worked with Win-XP… it doesn’t. Seller won’t respond to inquiries anymore after giving me the run-around (long enough for Paypal protection to expire). AVOID!