Charger with capacity display?

Hey guys :slight_smile:

I have a dozen of 18650 batteries here… Some of them are 2 years old… I would like to know how much capacity they still have.

Are they any 18650 chargers out there with a option to measure the capacity of cells, like my bc700 for nimh batteries?

It seems that these hobby chargers are able to to this… Would you recommend these?

I’m using Icharger 106b plus to charge all cells I have. Li-ion. NiMH, NiCD, PB. You can charge, discharge, measure internal resistance, capacity, balance packets and many more.
I get rid of all chargers I had. This one cover all my needs.

+1 on the iCharger 106B+. It's a great charger I use everyday for my lithium cells. I still use my Maha C9000 for my AA and AAA Eneloops for the convenience factor,plus it's a great charger as well.

Same here….+2

soshine so sc 7 something like that

okay thank you :slight_smile: Seems the 106b+ seems to be the best Deal!

Can I charge multiple 18650 Cells at the same time on seperate channels? I found some pictures here in threads… But I am really a noob when it comes to such things.

Take a look: Hobby Chargers

You can charge Li-ion two ways.
Just paralel/serial or with balancer plugged. The way I’m doing it.


good info. where can one find a good deal on this charger? thanks

Just read the whole thread :slight_smile: It seems the way you are doing it ;D seems the better one. Every cell is charged individually then, right? Can you explain me maybe this balanced thing and what I have to buy at accessoires?

but for shipping outside the USA the shipping cost will kill the deal. Does anybody know if any China sites have a good deal on this.

This one?