Cheap Magnification Apparatus Recommendations

Thanks to this post, I finally decided to get a good lighted magnifying glass for my workbench. :smiley:

I got this one from Amazon: 10X Magnifying Glass with Light and Clamp, Real Glass Stand Lighted Magnifier, 5 Color Modes Stepless Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

It has 2 sets of warm and cool LEDs which allows 5 different CCTs, and I prefer the equal mix of them. The brightness, tint, and CRI is much better than the LED lamp I was using previously.

I was able to secure it to my pegboard using some random plastic parts. It’s nice to have the extra room on my workbench by not having a lamp on it.

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That looks like the same mechanicals as the one I recced (and got).

They tout the range of each joint, but they’re interactive and not independent. Ie, try to contort it a certain way, and the “radius” and “ulna” wedge into each other and bind, so the full range of motion is quite limited.

I was wondering if maybe they were too tight, so I loosened each screw to give max flexibility, but same dealy, you could only position it certain ways before the beastie would bind.

The lights and (glass) lens are pretty nice, albeit small. I had and ancient one of those with a specialty bulb, and the lens was almost a pie-plate in size. Miss that thing…

And that, each joint was fully articulated and independent. Used a 12V transformer in the (heavy) base to light the light.

They don’t make 'em like they used to…

Maybe I should dig it up and just try to find a bulb…

Still, wasn’t a bad deal for 18fitty, especially with a real glass lens and not plastic that’d scratch if you looked at it wrong…

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I have a similar Magnifier light. Made mine portable by using a block of Spanish cedar and a 20k mah power bank, works great. I can move it anywhere I need it

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This one came with both a base and clamp, but yeah, I gotcha.

I think the only real difference is that on the other one, the controls are on the magnifying head, vs on the inline doodad I got on mine.