cheapest aaa cree?

hi there!
do you have any info on where i could buy
aaa cree lights more budget than this?
I really love the gb singfire but gb only
accepts paypal.
i searched on dx, kai, bangbus and many sites
and the link above is the lowest so far
thank you!

Did you find anything interesting on bangbus? :evil:

LOL :smiley:

hahaha glad I wasn’t the only one that saw that

oops, wrong fleshlight website
by the way, is this as low as you can get on
an aaa cree? I am planning to give some to my
friends. thank you

Jexree would probably be the cheapest
Discussion thread

Why AAA ? no way it can power good enough light… well not for long.
My advice is one of those cheap, and… well i bought more than 15 of them during the last year :slight_smile:
If you insist… can get This

wow, looks good, the shipping though make it higher.
will the shipping be the same if i buy more?

aaa since there is still no recorded incident of 10440
exploding so i feel safer with this route.
it would be nice though if there is an aa light
as affordable as sipik but not as bulky. i can
sacrifice the zoom for portability.
the aaa link you gave is not cree

There are listings of 3 pcs for 4.67/piece + free shippiing

Dude I’m sorry but no… Think about this- the most common cell in the world is the 18650, thus most battery tech advances are applied to the 18650 first, that’s why they have the best capacity density and the best draw potential, they also get new safety advances first. You hear about 18650 incidents cause they are so widely used, our small group of flashlight guys are pretty much the only non commercial users of 10440’s so that there haven’t been any reported incidents doesn’t mean much since we’re probably some of the safest users.

To add something useful- those singfire’ from the GB Group buy are about the best light per dollar you can get for AAA/10440, the next best single AAA lights I know of are the the lumintop tool @ $18-20 and the olight i3EOS (and its not clicky) for $20-25. My recommendation is get PayPal.

I would also highly suggest a AA/14500 light. Li-ion capacity is over 2x as high and AA NiMH is over 3 times capacity of AAA.

here is your light.
Sorry, it was a fast pick, did not take the time to check if it is cree.
What Pregulla advised should be more efficient simply because it has reflector.

But it will be under-driven, otherwise the battery will last few minutes

ps.: I have NEVER had exploding battery, although i have 14500 protected one that was short circuiting, lucky i catch that on time, but non protected ones - no problems, unless you over-discharge it, or charge it VERY unproperly