Choose your favourite BLF member for led4power 5A lin. driver review

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:

Pick me! I will bribe for votes! Smile Hhmm, can I vote for myself? Wink Gotta hit the campaign trail now...

Just fyi: the list of members came from this thread: near the end. led4power was looking for 3 members to do the testing, and had more than 3 volunteers, so, a vote was created.

Driver Info/details here:

led4power looks like he has done an awesome job on this driver, and with his targeted price, he should be quite successful with it.

Sorry - just couldn't stop myself...


Im RaceR86. Many might know me more like a tint snob. But I can assure you. If there is a thing called "driver snob", then put that label on me. Owned a lot of expensive custom UI`s. Not just the typical versions of STAR, Nlite, tweaked Nlite, etc.. Ive paid up towards 40$ just to get the right UI. And more than 50$ for the right driver.. And Im cheap. But that is how much I care about a good UI and driver circuit. Im really interested in the driver and can give my evaluation based on my experience with lots of different driver circuits.

If that meant nothing for you. Then vote RaceR86 because kitten!

What kinda bribe are we talkin’ here? :wink:

RaceR86, you had me goin’ until the kitten thing. I don’t have any particular fondness for cats. >)

Oh noes, that might be the way this will go, a ‘cute off’. Yeah, lets see who can make me want to throw up first.

Easy way to discourage that: “I will not vote for any candidate who competes on the merit of their cute pics!”

Damn. I thought that cat would be the road to success.

Oh well. That is my campaign and Im sticking to it. :D

Ok, I'm surging now.. I got one other sucker convinced, oh, I mean active well liked BLFer to vote for me (some how). I love these dirty campaigns - pink kitty's, bribes... SmileSmile

David - Hhmm, got to give that some thought. I got lots of blue XML T6's laying around looking for a home?

Sorry, no need for blue’s here.

edit: actually, my daughter LOVES blue, maybe we can work something out… :wink:

I cant choose.
8 sided die.


Funny - when I first your post, I read “You had MEAT CAT” :)!! Took me a microsec to figure that one out :)!

There were no bribes forth coming so I voted for me.

Maybe anyone with over 30 votes gets to review? These are all very talented people here that are familiar with electronics. So hard to vote so I wont vote );

Crud, didn’t even make the top 10 :*

Hmm, so I choose my favourite BLF member and then he/she does a review on the driver. What if my favourite BLF member is not a very good driver reviewer?

Actually I just changed my vote to you! You deserve to do a review of this driver... Just read through your switch tests - awesome! Actually just ordered a couple of those 6A switch's. Not to mention the MCPCB tests you did -- I'm sure there's a lot more...

thanks Tom :-)

But I'm not much of an electronics guru, driver testing would not really be my department, I am really glad we have HKJ do do such tests! I would do a user's review.

His tests of drivers are the best

I know RacerR86 could do a phenomenal job from several angles. The more reviews from different perspectives, the better. But you do have a nice scientific method and the tools/skills for testing. Can't beat HKJ of course, but I think regular BLFers will be able to get it to quicker - HKJ always has that huge backlog. There are many better qualified to test these drivers, but time, interest etc. - also this was first come, first serve basically, but I can understand a rush on this by led4power.