Choose your favourite BLF member for led4power 5A lin. driver review

Fwiw, I voted for RaceR86 because he mods lights that I'm into.

HKJ's waiting list is months long for batteries. It could be shorter for drivers since he may do both tests at the same time.

All of these horribly atrocious lumen sicko’s are “psyco detention center escapees” and will brutally push your poor drivers through the roof, but you’re also missing more than a few members in your line-up that are properly equipped to thoroughly test the several technical aspects of your driver to the nth degree… so be it, and no worries.

From your list, many of these guys have helped me and many others while providing inspiration to mod out lights. Only from a personal standpoint, my vote goes to Tome for his insane dedication to busting open fiercely glued OEM lights with the self-discovered mega BOA strap wrenches; and then perform major surgery to the poor hosts that must survive the appalling brutal onslaught of uncalled for amperage and mega-thermal heat soak… those poor chunks of AL always beg for mercy. Tome, thank you for all your how-to’s and helping so many other BLF’ers achieve lumen fame & glory. You have my vote sir!

If I might add, please consider sending a driver to your first and second top pics for a much greater perspective.

RaceR suggests some inside knowledge in this post

Should satisfy your request.

Just updated post #1 with where this vote and selection came from..

Whoa da - thanx FlashPilot!

I'm flattered to be included in the list, but I have to say I don't feel worthy. Everyone of the other choices would do a better job. It's a hard choice, but I will vote Mattaus because he has been such a big contributor in diy driver development.

PS: RaceR86's humor makes this thread very fun to read.

Agreed, he is the reason for me getting into the Modding section anyway…without his tutorials and pretty much handholding me thru alot of this I wouldn’t be able to do near what I can do to help the community now

For testing purposes though I still say there is NOONE that comes close to HKJ’s complete tests, but I voted for Mattaus

Well, I wasn’t very active in the giveaway thread so I missed the poll…
But I would like to make a thread to explain the differences between buck, boost and linear drivers.
A few people seem to be interested so if I’m selected I would be able to include this driver in the post as the linear one instead of using a standard 7135 driver.
I can also make a separate thread just to test this driver. I’m slowly starting to have some decent equipment so I can test the efficiency and such.
Here is a review I did so that you can see what I do. :slight_smile:

Who ever can get the most throw out of my k40 and the most lumens out of my m6 gets my vote

I run 3 separate test queues: Batteries, Charges and other stuff.

The two first has very long queues (months, I have more than 25 batteries and 10 chargers), for the last one I do also have a lot of stuff, but nothing with priority on. This means I will test the driver and publish a review fairly fast, when I receive it (Fairly fast is within a few weeks).


I'll find a way to break it. I guarantee it lol.

I voted for the Tom E guy. 8)

Winners are:TomE,RaceR86 and djozz.Congratulations guys,and don't forget to send me your shipping data on PM.

Joehoe!! :-) good news. I am out camping right now for a week, if the driver is in by next week, I will do some testing next tuesday, I will try to include efficiency tests on the various modes.

And you check in BLF anyway while camping. Awesome :slight_smile:

I feel my vote was not gonna be wasted.

Camping in Holland is not exactly in the wild . I am on Terschelling, one of the dutch islands. Over here you can choose to join the all summer party and drink vast amounts of beer, but you can also go by foot into the wide dune area and within ten minutes be lost for the rest of the day. I'm the latter type of guy :-)

:) I won..

Good thing I only got votes because of cats, otherwise people would have expectations to my review. :D


Ahh - just got out of a meeting -- Thanks!! Way cool. pm sent. Smile

Thanks Everyone!

One day I'll get my hands on these drivers...