【Clearance】Wurkkos WK01/WK02/WKC06/TS30/TS30S lowest price/HD20 new color orange release

Man I wish the FC11 came in the blue of the HD15. That color is awesome!

yes, the ice blue looks great and we are trying to do more camo and white

Is there a code for the WK30 on the German Amazon page?

here is the code ,will valid in 6 hours later —XAWETLMY

10% code for all products on wurkkos.com—WKMEMBER

Seems the TS30 is no longer on sale as shown in the original post, is the clearance sale over?

These light are awesome at this price. If you don’t get one or two you are missing out, especially the TS30S @ $55.

Still clearance at price $35.99 and could use a 10% shop coupon as well

The coupon code IV7RZH82 is invalid. You could use the coupon when the order qty reach to 1.

Not working.

Thanks, it seemed like all of the items marked [Clearance] in the title were back to full price for a few hours, but I see it is fixed now. One other question - can you confirm the strike bezel comes with the TS30 when ordered from your website? When I ordered the TS30S it did not come with one. Thanks!

TS30S SBT90.2 $59.9 after code C9JV5SOG

The coupon code C9JV5SOG is invalid. It has expired.

Wurrkos, code:IV7RZH82 not working.

IV7RZH82—prolong the code now

C9JV5SOG —code prolong

new release TS32:

Now you are talking. Nice

I think Wurrkos will be the king of 2022 and possibly 2023. Nice work Wurrkos. This company (like Convoy) listens.

The code says expired. Can you please prolong again?