Clemence@ERKX (ex Virence) just made impossible, E21 hitting over 1000lumens with new MCPCB

I’ve got a word from him over at ERKX while ordering these and he said these boards compared to old design is like day and night.

To be sure Maukka or Djozz input would be beneficial but we’ll see how it goes.

And the shop is open :)

Ah OK I see it says now to contact him for ordering (pretty sure that wasn’t the case last time I checked) . How much is the shipping, still EMS only (no economy)?

No idea. He will let me know once solder all emitters to these boards and i’ll send an update.

Just leave a message at the store contact link...:)

Wow I missed this! This is incredible! Clemence will you do another mod project using the B35AM like you did with the Armytek Tiara/Wizards or Skilhunt H04RC? Olights would be cool given their super high efficiency drivers.

Hi SKV! Long time no see here.
Clemence is not active on the forum anymore but you can still message him over ERKX.

Thanks. Yea I haven’t been frequenting BLF lately but pop up every once in a while to catch up. I’ll contact Clemence on Whatsapp.

The B35Ax, or NV4WB35Ax, is an led I really like for flashlights. High CRI :-) and throwy. Most of you know it as B35AM (NV4WB35AM) which is a 2S2P or “6V” emitter. It is also manufactured in 4S1P or “12V” versions, codename NV4WB34AR or B35AR, of which Clemence has plenty in his store.

Problem is that Simon only chose to buy a reel of 4500K emitters, which is too “cool” for my liking. But if we go to Clemence's store, we can only get “12V” emitters, which we cannot drive with Simon's 3A “XHP50 or 6V” boost driver.

So, could we convince Clemence to at least get some “warm” B35AM (6V) emitters? sm273, sm303, sm353… O:)

He also has the best MCPCBs for them, doesn't it?

He’ll receive 100pcs sm273 B35AM March 28, send him an email to join the next group shipping to EU. For other CCTs you can tell him how much you want and depending on the demand he might order them with his next Nichia order.

Edit : you can also go with B35AR and the FC40 driver with a modified sense resistor to reduce the current to 1.5A.

Thanks for the information, thefreeman.

Next group shipping to EU? Is there any sort of mini-group buy going on? I think I could join in. Should I pm Clemence here?

The FC40 driver is ∅22mm, while I am looking to fit a driver inside this S3 host from Kaidomain (max. 6mm component height, ∅20mm driver).

The group shipping is for saving on shipping and custom fees since only EMS/DHL is available.
Send im an email with the address on his website

That is very useful to know, thank you!

This applies to any 4S or “12V” driver. It only is necessary to properly calculate the driver sense voltage at its maximum output current given the stock sense resistor value (V = I × R), and then work out the new sense resistor value for a B35AR.

The XHP35 driver at the Convoy store was tested long ago, see Agnelucio's Convoy XHP35 Driver Analysis / Testing / Schematic.

The FC40 boost driver at the Convoy store, claims 2.5A output and seems to use an R020 according to the driver pictures it would not be the first time that a driver which was shipped with a certain sense resistor value is latter shipped with another sense resistor. If the driver is actually using an R020 for 2.5A this is just 50mV sense at max, which is excellent. I wish people would take much closer pictures of the drivers, by the way.

I really wonder why Simon decided to have two drivers with so small current output difference. It must be because of ignorance in these matters (XHP35 emitters peak at ≈2.75A anyway). A proper driver for the FC40 would only make sense with a lot more current output, which the driver being sold doesn't has. I guess he was probably scared because of tail switch integrity…

The FX35 at Kaidomain will also drive the B35AR nicely, but there's barely any extra information (check: XHP35 single cell driver FX35 @ KD). A sense resistor replacement would also be required if targeting ≈1.5A at 4S/12V, but as it comes stock, with ≈1.13A of drive current according to zeremefico's measurements in the aforementioned thread, it will drive the B35AR without problems (equivalent to driving a 6V B35AM at ≈2.26A).

Thank you Burkuti, good information!

Btw, that group buy. I see there’s also one for Nichia 519a. Is it the same one? Interested in buying both LEDs and mcpcbs for the B35Ax. Would be great if this is all the same group buy. Also any information on who forwards the individual items after the bulk order arrives in the EU?

You can order anything listed on Eurekatronix, the EU forwarder is in Latvia, that’s because he doesn’t have custom clearance fees unlike in most other countries.

Great, I’ll send Clemence an email.

Clemence is only active in Telegram....

On that topic, why did Clemence stop interacting with people on BLF and via email?

Any update about ordering? Or if anyone knows contact information for @Clemence, please pm me! thank you!

Because shipping and customs fees are very expensive (only EMS/DHL since covid) to EU we did group shippings, contact him via his email on his website : (”contact” us email link).
But I think he said he might stop doing it after the last one, and have somebody have some stock directly in EU, more convenient for customers but item prices will be higher, I don’t know if this is still planned.