Clip for Trustfire F23

Hi all,

I want to mount a clip on a trustfire F23... I couldn't find a compatible one from sellers. As you know diameter of the body is 15 mm. Do you have any idea how can i solve the problem. For example, mounting another flashlight's clip can be solution but, which one's ?

Get it when it goes on sale at Meritline for .97 cents

from pictures, clip looks like fixed to the tail, not removable. Am i wrong?

Here is the clip on a Tank model E06. Why would I lie to you about a clip and show you one that was not removable

thanks for your reply E1320, but i didn't mean you lied. From picture i couldn't notice. you could say " you are wrong its removable". But again thank you for your pictures.

Anyway, as F23 is stainless steel, i prefer a stainless steel clip. Do you think this can fit F23?

by the way from where i can buy you keychain light "coast". Is there any link?